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Sensas Power Match 814

Tom Scholey gives the latest Sensas Power Match 814 a workout in a carp-strewn margin swim!

I have always been impressed with Sensas poles. My travelling partner, Matt Godfrey, is lucky enough to be sponsored by the company and has had several of its models pass through his hands over the last couple of years. I have fished with most of them on his gear and I can honestly say that I haven’t handled a bad pole yet.
The new Power Match 814 continues this trend of quality, and I could tell when I assembled it for the first time that I was laying hands on a really nice piece of kit. The 814 is one of the cheapest models in Sensas’ 800 series and being produced on the same mandrel means that the sections interchange with most old and new poles in the Sensas range.
The pole is unique in the range because it is designed as an all-round model. Its sibling, the 844, retails at the same price but is much beefier and purpose built for big fish. The catalogue quotes the 814 as being: “For anglers who spend most of their time on natural venues with the occasional visit on to the carp scene.” To best suit this brief, it was going to have to be light and stiff enough to be an outstanding silver-fish pole but strong enough to handle powerful bonus fish… and carp!
As with most Sensas poles, the spares package is comprehensive, with two power top twos, three match top threes, a mini extension, cupping kit, tubes and a carry bag.
Although they aren’t actually supplied with the pole, Sensas has also brought out a puller-type Fighting top-two kit, which is available separately, and is sure to be a huge hit among commercial anglers.
Another popular part of the package will be the Joker Card promise. This has been a feature of Sensas pole packages for years and basically means that any (single) breakage that occurs within the first year of ownership, however it is caused, is replaced free of charge. Given the current economic climate, I cannot help but think that this part of the deal will be proving more popular than ever. Nobody wants to shell out a small fortune on a pole, only to have to spend more money to replace a broken section!
I decided to take it to The Glebe Fishery near Hinckley, where I hoped that a proper workout would be on the cards. I sat on Peg 84 on Lake Six, where a long, snag-strewn margin looked like it would provide the perfect testing ground.
Despite the pole being designed as an all-round package, I was still very pleased to see reinforced areas on the larger sections and feel the solid wall strength that I have come to expect from Sensas poles.
I started off fishing at 13 metres and, as with a lot of poles in the £1,000 price bracket, I can honestly say that it was faultless and every bit as good as poles that sell for twice the price at this length.
I didn’t have to wait long for a bite and soon found myself locked in battle with an angry 5lb common. It tore off, forcing me to pull it away from some reeds. The pole coped well and, despite me pulling as hard as I dared, it still felt like it had plenty more to give.
Several more good fish followed and the 814 tamed every one easily. Had I been fishing a match, I would have happily carried on fishing here for the rest of the day because my peg was quite literally solid. However, I wanted to have a wiggle with the pole at a longer length.
The pole is supplied with two parallel extensions, so I started by adding just one of them. Again the wall strength gave the pole a reassuringly powerful feel. The pole felt nice at this length but, while it was still exceptional, it did lose a little bit of its stiffness.
As expected, at the full 16 metres this effect was furthered, but it was still comfortably fishable. Considering the £1,250 price tag, I would rate the pole extremely highly and recommend that you pick one up before buying.
It will be interesting to try out the 844 because I felt the 814 was plenty strong enough for any kind of pole fishing. As anybody who has watched me playing carp will tell you, I am not a fan of taking prisoners, yet the pole felt like it had plenty of power in reserve.
I ended the session with an 80lb-plus net and a big smile on my face thanks to an awesome afternoon’s fishing with a tremendous pole!

Sensas Power Match 814

Stated length: 16m
Actual length: 15.65m
Closed length: 1.76m
Match-kit length: 3.2m
Power-kit length: 3.2m
Match-kit elastic rating: No14
Power-kit elastic rating: No20
Other features: 3G Carbon Concept, Potting Points, Reinforcing Wraps
RRP: £1,250
Package: 16m pole including three match kits, two Power kits, cupping kit, mini extension, tubes and holdall.
Spares: Power kit £59.99, Match kit £69.99, Fighting top-two kit £64.99, Parallel Extension £69.99






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