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Daiwa Tournament Pro X 16m

Matt Godfrey takes to the bank with Daiwa’s relived legend, the brand-new Tournament Pro X 16m!

Luckily for me, when the latest parcel from Daiwa arrived in the office I was the first of our crew to open it up and see what was inside. As I unzipped the quality black Tournament holdall and removed the caps of the tubes inside, I was met with what, in my opinion, is the best-looking pole I’ve ever seen!

This hottest weapon from Daiwa is sure to top many anglers’ Christmas list, with its slick grey finish on the butt sections, classy graphics and a No8 section that looks like it could be part of a fighter jet’s engine! However, would it perform on the same superior level as it looked?

I must admit, I have a real soft spot for the Daiwa Tournament poles. I was fortunate enough to own the original Tournament Professional at a young age and won my three Junior World Championship gold medals using it. Obviously, when the decision came about who was testing which pole this month, Tom had no say whatsoever!

The finish is something that I noticed instantly. Every section ships through your hands like a dream thanks to the Diamond Satin finish. Assembling the pole to 14 metres to reach the island opposite, the pole had every asset of the last Tournament that I held, and more!

The sections felt exceptionally strong throughout, with absolutely zero flex or softness in any areas. The responsiveness of this tool was second to none and amazed with the pole at 14.5 metres, I added the 16m section to see if any assets were lost. It’s fair to say that the pole is among the best I’ve held at this length and even with a top kit threaded with hollow elastic and a Cad Pot on the end, its balance was exceptional.

Starting the session fishing pellets I was able to control my rig with military precision, sprinkling in my feed with the pole-mounted pot and working my hook bait. At full length, the pole felt like an extension of the arm and I was able to lift at the smallest of indications from the crafty carp that mouthed at my pellets.

On several occasions I hooked a feisty mirror, but not once did the pole even break a sweat! As the session progressed, I switched to fishing my shorter swim at seven metres, where I’d regularly been loose feeding maggots. Here, I was able to give the pole a real ride, and in just over an hour this polished professional helped me catch nearly 40 fish.

Taking a close examination of the package, it’s obvious that this pole is designed with the keenest of anglers in mind. The Interlastic Puller Kits mean there’s no drilling required when fitting side pullers and the extensive spares package, including brand-new Match and Power Packages mean that you can choose the spares package that suits your needs. The Power Package caters for the more commercial-based anglers, while the Match Package is for the all-round angler.

Better still, the pole is one of the most comprehensively compatible wands on the market, with all the sections interchangeable with top-end poles from Daiwa’s renowned stable. Whether you’re big-river bream bashing, margin lump hauling, or canal roach fishing, if you’re an angler looking for a new top-end pole, be sure to put this on your list to test ride!

Tech Spec

Daiwa Tournament Pro X
More Power Package: 16m pole, five Interlastic power kits, two Interlastic match kits, one match top four kit, two Super 4th sections, cupping kit and holdall

More Match Package: Two Interlastic power kits, three Interlastic match kits, one Super 4th section, One match top four kit, two match top three kits, cupping kit and holdall

Features: Match and Power packages, Integrated Taping System on 5 to 7 sections, Diamond Satin Finish on 8 to 11 sections and holdalls included

Spares: Interlastic power kit £84.99; Interlastic match kit £89.99; Interlastic No3 £54.99; Interlastic Shallow power kit £44.99; Interlastic Shallow match kit £69.99; Power Lite Big-Bore kit £74.99

RRP: Match/Power Package £3,999 SSP: £2,650
RRP: 16m pole only £2,999 SSP: £1,999

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