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Frenzee Precision FXT

Tom Scholey gets on the bank with the Frenzee Precision FXT pole and is left extremely impressed!

I have never tested a pole from Frenzee before, so I was really looking forward to getting on the bank with the FXT! Supplied at 13 metres as standard, but with extensions to take it to its full length of 16 metres, the pole boasts several unique features, which I was looking forward to putting to the test.

The first thing that I noticed was that it is only supplied with one kind of top kit – not separate match and power kits as many models are.

These are known as ‘super 2s’ and come already fitted with a side slot puller conversion. To be fair, I can see many other companies following suit. Many match kits that are supplied with poles are now strong enough to take heavy hollow elastics anyway, almost eradicating the need for a dedicated power kit. A great concept in my eyes.

Another nice idea is what the company is calling its ‘medium 4’ and ‘medium 5’ sections. These are something in between what you might call a normal No4 and No5 and a short No4 and No5. The idea is that by integrating a section like this into the design of the pole, you gain all the advantages of a normal-length No4 and No5, while also increasing stiffness and rigidity of the pole, as you might do if a short No4 or No5 section was used.

The pole is also supplied in a classy rod bag, complete with plastic tubes, and with eight top-two kits, a cupping kit, a dolly butt extension and a spare No4 section.

So what did I think of it? Where possible, if I don’t know the RRP of a pole, I always make a point of testing it before checking the price. The pole performed very well and was exceptionally stiff, light, strong and well balanced.

I started off fishing at 11 metres straight in front of me and, as expected, it was simply sublime. Moving out to 13 metres later in the session and the pole was again first class.

What really impressed me, however, was how well the pole performed in the last half an hour of the session, when I moved out to 14.5 metres and then 16. Playing devil’s advocate, I gave it a few very exaggerated strikes into the venue’s resident small carp and it stood up to everything that I could throw at it.

It was also very strong stiff and light. I fully expected it to command a price tag up there with the very best on the market. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I learnt that it actually comes in a little bit cheaper than most, with an asking price of £2,300. If you are in the market for a new top-end pole, be sure to look at the new FXT before parting with your cash.

Tech Spec

Frenzee Precision FXT
Package: 13m pole, 14.5m extension, 16m extension, dolly butt extension, eight top-two kits, cupping kit, spare No4 section.

Slick Glide Finish, Joint Aligning System, Super 2 technology, Medium 4 technology.

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