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Maver Enigma Series 101

Matt Godfrey takes to the bank with Maver’s latest mid-range mace – the Enigma Series 101!

Maver poles are among the most popular on the market, and when you have a look at the packages on offer, it’s easy to see why!

When I took a look at the Enigma 101, the first thing that struck me was that 13m and 16m packages are available. I worked in a tackle shop for several years and would regularly get asked about what the best 13m pole was, simply because the anglers didn’t want, or need, to fish past this length.

By the same token, as I’m writing, I’ve just received a phone call in the office from a guy asking my thoughts on the 13m poles on the market. From the list that I gave him, this particular one was very high on it!

Looking into this package further, I soon discovered that you have the option of buying 14.5m and 16m sections separately. If you fancy owning a 14.5m pole, the option is there.

The Enigma 101 comes fitted with a Slotted Easy Flow power kit, along with three extras, a mini extension and a cupping kit. Better still, however, the 14.5m and 16m extension sections are available for just £115! The SSP on the packages are very reasonable too. You can pick up the 13m package for just £599.99, while the 16m sells for £799.99.

This time of year always makes our life difficult in terms of weather and the day we’d put aside for this test was nothing short of freezing! To make sure I got plenty of bites of this pole, I took it to Barlow Fishery near Chesterfield. All the lakes are full of quality silver fish, hard-fighting F1s, tench and crucians, but at the same time there’s the chance of hooking a 20lb carp on the pole, too!

Although this pole is designed with carp in mind, I always regard mid-range poles like this as all-rounders. If I were looking to spend between £500 and £1,000 on a pole, I’d like it to do a bit of everything!

My session with it certainly proved its ability and after assembling 13 metres it was incredibly well balanced. Although the pole felt very strong, nothing was lost in the way of stiffness either and I didn’t feel like it was overgunned in the power department. I always like to have a solid squeeze of the smaller No4, No5 and No6 sections on this kind of pole because these take a lot of elbow strain when you strike when fishing short on commercials. They were solid throughout, which gave me the utmost confidence.

I planned to get early bites by targeting the lake’s stocks of silvers, presenting a tiny 3x8 float at 13 metres. The pole’s response made it easy to hit the tiny dinks that the big roach gave me as bites, and it certainly shone as a great all-round tool, not just a power pole!

Later in the session I managed some big F1s by fishing over my groundbait at 16 metres. It’s fair to say that a little was lost in terms of stiffness at full length, but it was more than manageable and remained ultra-responsive. I could have happily fished it at this length for a full session!

16m package: 16m pole including Slotted Easy Flow power kit, plus three extra Easy Flow power kits, cupping kit and mini extension
RRP: £1,065
SSP: £799.99

13m package: 13m pole including Slotted Easy Flow power kit, plus three extra Easy Flow power kits, cupping kit & mini extension
RRP: £799.99
SSP: £599.99

Spares: 14.5m extension £115; 16m extension £115; Slotted Easy Flow power kit £59.99; match top-three kit £69.99

Features: Maximum-performance carbon construction, No20 elastic rating




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