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Garbolino UK7 Supercarp

If you’re looking for a pole around the £550 mark then you’d be hard-pressed to find one that ticks as many boxes as the Garbolino UK7 Supercarp!

Garbolino’s latest UK range, which comprises several models from the flagship UK1 at £3,099.99 SSP to this UK7 model at £550 SSP, has already found favour with anglers up and down the country.

Of course, many anglers have no need for a flagship pole, or the associated performance, but if you’re willing to exchange a somewhat minor trade-off in performance (at a full 13m length) for a pole that comes in at a lot lower price… then the UK7 could be the model you’re after.

In its own right, and compared to other models of a similar price, you just can’t fault it. Ever since the early days Garbolino has forged a reputation for quality and reliability where poles are concerned. Its once iconic Renaissance and Super Legion have stood the test of time and are still going strong for their discerning owners.

The UK7 looks to uphold this same mantle in terms of reliability and performance, but at a much more entry-level budget. When you get this pole in your hands you can feel the strength in each of the sections, something that is paramount in the build of a carp pole to make it last no matter how many big bags of carp it catches. It is that feel along with its rigidity and exceptional balance that sets it above many others in its price category. Whether you are a ‘slapper’ who likes to fish at the full 13 metres with light rigs and maybe even light lines for F1s, or a margin cruncher who uses proper gear, this pole will fit the bill perfectly! Another striking feature is the finish, which works perfectly in wet or dry conditions, enabling you to ship the shortest of rigs or tiniest of pots quickly and efficiently without any tangles or spillage.

It’s kitted out with a fitting spares package too, one that Garbolino describes as “sensible” in order to keep the accompanying overall package price similarly sensible. Along with the 13m pole you also get a half extension that fits both the 11.5 and 13m joints, two top two kits, a cupping kits with cups, five PTFE bushes and a holdall. Available to purchase separately is a 1.8m extension for £150 (RRP) and short No4 sections for £74.99 (RRP). In fact, if you go out and buy one at the moment you will also get an extra top kit free of charge with it (offer while stocks last at participating dealers).

One of the key factors with this pole is the fact that it is a real ‘workhorse’ when it comes to carp fishing and really won’t let you down. As with all the UK series poles they all interchange with each other, so should you so wish to upgrade in the near future the UK7 would double up as a perfect spare pole and a long margin pole when you really want to crunch those carp!

A great pole at a very sensible price.

IMG 7710

A “sensible” spares package for a sensible price.


IMG 7699

A pole designed for both performance and strength.


IMG 8819

Side puller kits – who’d be without them nowadays?


UK7 Package

  • 13m Supercarp pole
  • Half extension
  • 3 top kits (including 1 extra top kit on offer)
  • 1 cupping kit
  • 5 PTFE bushes
  • Cups
  • Holdall

RRP: £550


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