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Up Close: Garbolino UK6 Supercarp

Pole Fishing takes a look at the new and improved Garbolino UK6 Supercarp 13m pole package.

The UK series of poles from Garbolino have been incredibly popular in recent years with pole anglers, offering good value for money and fantastic performance to boot. Along with the UK5 and 7, the UK6 Supercarp has been upgraded and improved in key areas to give you, the prospective buyer, even more value for money. 

Supplied at 13 metres as standard, although extensions can be bought separately, the UK6 feels like a pole that would ask much more than its £799 price tag at this length. Improved weight distribution and reinforcement in key areas makes it a true all-rounder that is equally at home when deployed at its full 13 metres, shipping silvers, as it is targeting the margins of commercial fisheries for big, angry carp.

As you can see, the UK6’s graphics are sleek and discreet. This gives it a really classy look more familiar on top-end poles. Built on the same mandrel as the rest of the Garbolino UK poles it is fully compatible across the range, making it a fantastic substitute if you are an existing Garbolino pole owner, as well as a perfectly capable first-choice pole.

So, what will your hard-earned cash get you? The UK6 comes as a five-kit package. The 13m pole contains a kit housed inside, while three Power Lite Puller kits pre-fitted with Garbolino’s new PTFE pullers also come as standard. In addition you will receive a two-piece potting kit inclusive of pots, five PTFE bushes ready to be slotted straight into your new kits, a half reversible multi extension (to fit the 11.5/13m sections) and a padded holdall. Lovely.

Each section of the UK6 is treated to Garbolino’s ‘Slip & Slide’ finish. This makes the pole feel really pleasant in the hand, and whether fishing in the wet, dry or during intermittent weather conditions, shipping in and out is going to be a smooth and easy process.

In summary, at a very sensible price you can get yourself a pole that can handle it all. Whether it is running a big float down a fast-paced river or hauling carp from your local commercial fishery, the UK6 ticks a lot of boxes.


The Package

1x 13m Garbolino UK6 Supercarp Match Pole

3x Powerlite Puller kits (fitted with PTFE Pullers)

1x two-piece potting kit (and pots)

5x PTFE bushes

1x holdall

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