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Up Close: Middy XP35-2 Handle Featured

Too Hot To Handle

Standfirst: Pole Fishing gets to grips with the XP35-2 handle, the latest landing-net handle offering from Middy.

The XP35-2 Competition Pro handle is Middy’s mid-range offering in the landing-net handle department. At three metres in length it will cover most commercial and natural venue situations and with the choice of a designated silver fish or carp section it is perfectly suited to both scenarios.

In hand the XP35-2 handle is light, stiff and impressively strong. This is largely down to its slim profile and the fact that it is constructed using the same Nano-Core materials that reside in many of Middy’s top-end poles. The handle is then given a coated varnished/resin finish which is smooth and easily slid out when netting a fish or bringing in with a fish in the net.

A single threaded attachment section is supplied and will slot on to either one of either the silver fish or carp sections depending on the situation or style of fishing you are faced with.


Middy XP35-2 Competition Pro 3m Handle

Length: 3m

Sections: Four

Weight: 298g 

RRP: £69.99


Got More In The Kitty?

More In The Kitty

If it’s a flagship landing-net handle you’re after, then Middy’s XK65-2 4m handle has to be on your radar. At £139.99 it is double the price of the XP35-2 but you are most certainly getting what you pay for. Super-strong, stiff and weighs very little at its 4m maximum length. 

Just like the XP35-2 it is constructed using the same Nano-Core carbon as the company’s top-end poles, but rather than the polished smooth finish of the XP35-2 it is left raw, giving it a grippy, anti-slip feel that means that no extra weight is added.

Tech Spec

Middy XZ65-2 World Elite 4m Handle

Length: 4m

Sections: Four

Weight: 350g

RRP: £139.99

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