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Frenzee Seatbox and Pole

Editor Alex Bones takes to the banks of Larford Lakes to put the all-new flagship Frenzee Precision 6E FXT pole through its paces.

Pole Fishing takes a close look at the fully adjustable FXT Match seatbox that Frenzee has unleashed on to the angling market.

• Clear, red or brown

• Use for banding pellets, casters or maggots

• Fit baits from 2mm to 8mm

RRP: £2.99


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• Available with bands, spikes or standard hooks

• 6in length

• Range of line diameters

RRP: £2.49


Following the huge popularity of the original design, Frenzee has released a clear version.

Four sizes of quality punches – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Pole Fishing takes a peek at some of Frenzee’s exciting gadgets and gizmos!

Double-compartment, fully waterproof netbag, with enough room to comfortably hold four keepnets. Perfect for commercial fisheries that require the use of multiple nets. Also features carry handles and a comfortable shoulder strap.

High-quality, super-smart luggage accessories.

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