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Pole Fishing looks at one of the most popular models in Preston’s Response line-up – the mid-range 16m M50 package, which comes in at £1,149.99. Should you buy one?



Prepare the perfect amount of pellets

RRP: £9.99



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Anglers often carry rollers, tripods and roosts separately, but now Preston has developed this perfect piece of luggage for keeping all these items together.


I have used the same fishing line for my pole rigs since 2004 – Preston Innovations Reflo Power. In fact, I use it for everything except main line when feeder fishing, and even then I use it for hooklengths.


Amazingly lightweight pots in a very soft material, with easy-clip attachment that allows them to fit on nearly all pole kits. Three sizes available, with fast-release and sprinkle lids for each.

• Remove glare from the water with 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection

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