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Frenzee Seatbox and Pole

Pole Fishing takes a close look at the fully adjustable FXT Match seatbox that Frenzee has unleashed on to the angling market.

For a while now there have been rumours of developments behind the doors of the MAP factory. The main consensus was that the company, which has already established itself as a front-runner in the pole and terminal tackle sectors of the market, was in fact bringing a seatbox to the market.

• Six telescopic legs with claw-like mudfeet for stability

Features three side drawers, four front-opening drawers and deep base unit.

Features two front drawers, three side drawers and 5in base unit
Solid, cassette-style footplate and heavy-duty padded pole seat
Oversized tightening points for ease of use in cold weather 

Three-drawer design with hinged rig tray under seat and deep base unit
Padded pole seat complete with pole support strap
 Adjustable legs to keep box level even on awkward terrain

Modular construction with lift-out tackle organiser
Cassette-style footplate
Supplied with wheel kit for ease of transportation

There are two spacious wooden front drawers and one side drawer in this fully modulated seatbox, as well as a cassette-style modular rig tray housed under the main unit. The box features six fully telescopic legs, each with tilting mudfeet, and a folding, lightweight footplate, as well as a comfy padded pole seat to boot. There is also an  accessory pack available separately containing a wheel kit, spray bar, trolley, side tray and a couple of longer extending legs.

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