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End Peg Stripeys

After last week’s rant, Rich Chave has managed to moan himself onto an end peg that he ‘never ever draws’...

Last week, I mentioned that for my next blog I’d talk about the practice matches for the southern Semi Final on the Kennet & Avon Canal. I also finished the piece moaning that I never draw end pegs – so you can probably predict what happened on Sunday. I only pulled out the first peg in the whole match!

Peg B1 was on the competition stretch at Crofton and is a bit I have had some success on in the past, in winter leagues and open matches, but just the last season it hasn’t been fishing to its past form. On the next peg I had team mate Richie Tomala and next to him another Garbolino Blackmore Vale angler, Steve Long.

The canal was about a foot down and had a slight colour to it, probably due to the torrential rain we had in the night. As I set up it started to rain so I was quick to erect the umbrella, and I was glad I did as within an hour the rain was turning to snow and I was getting rather cold! Added to this was the fact that I couldn’t get a bite!

I was thinking of an early exit but then I had a bite out of the blue on a caster, fished across where I had fed a finely chopped lobworm and casters in a little black groundbait at the start. The bite resulted in a 1lb perch.

No more bites on the caster, so I switched to a red maggot. Within seconds I had a twin of the first. Still dripping a few casters in via the catapult I slipped a worm on the hook and next cast I had the perch’s mother followed five minutes later by their father! Four perch in 25 minutes for over 6lb!

As this is a blog for Pole Fishing I would like to say that I caught all four perch on a lovely, dedicated perch rig (like the one Darren Cox used in the latest issue of sister title Match Fishing) but, alas, despite feeding chopped lobs in a couple of swims and dragging lobworms and twitching redworms about for a lot of the match I never had a bite on that rig. Also my delicately shotted 4x10 and 4x12 Richard Lattimer Squatt floats stayed above the surface. Even my 0.3g Dufils Nord bread rig let me down!

So, what was the ‘magic’ method? Well, let me say that it was one that enabled me fish with both my hands under my armpits to keep warm – as I have never been as cold while fishing a match! It was a 3BB Drennan waggler, 0.08mm Garbo Line hooklength and a size 20 Tubertini Series 2 hook fished on a 20-year-old Normark Microlite Rod!

Those four big perch together with three tiddlers weighed 7lb, which was enough for a section win and about 8th overall.

Maybe I’ll catch on the pole next match? Roll on the spring!

Richard Chave fishes for Garbolino Blackmore Vale and loves bagging up on his beloved canals and rivers in the southwest of England.

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