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The Spring Is Sprung

Tom Scholey is full of the joys of spring!

There is something about this time of year that I absolutely love. The days getting longer, and temperature rising are one reason – but the main thing that I like about March is that it is generally when the fish really start to have a feed.

Earlier in the week, Jon Arthur and myself went on a road trip down to Viaduct Fishery in Somerset.

As sad as this may sound, travelling south on the M5 gives me a sense of happiness in itself. It reminds me of travelling to Cornwall en route to White Acres Festivals, and as we drove down Jon and I reminisced about previous angling adventures in that part of the world.

When we arrived at Viaduct, I was tasked with putting Browning’s new Z12 through its paces. The sun was beating down, and the birds were singing in the trees. It really was an idyllic session.

I haven’t done a lot of carp fishing over the last few months, so hooking something that pulled back was a bit of a novelty in itself. I caught some good sized carp, and lost some even bigger ones on what is in my opinion one of the most innovative poles to be brought to market in recent years.  It truly was one of the most enjoyable days fishing that I have had in a long time, and made me mad keen to get my carp fishing head back on. I’m off down to White Acres at the end of the month to fish the Bait Tech Festival, and I can’t wait!

It could just be my imagination, but the longer days and warmer weather seems to be uplifting everybody elses spirits as well as my own. Jon and myself had a really productive meeting with the Angling Trust last week. They asked if they could come in for a chat following one of my previous blogs which was critical of some of the events that they are managing.

I still stand by the points I made, but to the Trusts credit, I now have a better understanding of how the situation that they now find themselves in came about. And to their credit, it is not entirely their fault.

More importantly, I now know that they are aware of public opinion, and are working to give us match anglers the competitions that we deserve. One of my main bones of contention was their choice of date for the Winter League Final, which as it stands is the weekend before the national. They are looking to change this, and will confirm whether this is possible over the next couple of weeks. There are also exciting plans afoot to revise the Winter League, and if they go ahead I can see a really exciting future for the competition.

Speaking to the sales guys at work, the feeling in the angling trades as a whole is very optimistic at the moment. Our magazines certainly seem to be doing well, which breeds a lot of confidence amongst everyone involved.

After eighteen months of recession based doom and gloom which has been magnified by the mass media, it strikes me that everybody is more optimistic at the minute. Long may it continue!

Tom Scholey

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