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Pole Fishing December 2017

Check out the feature-packed December 2017 issue...

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It's Complex!

Its complex pf dec 17

By turning to the world of specimen carp fishing for a spot of bait additive, Dynamite Baits' Mark Cree reckons he has turned his fishing results around!

"Like Brexit, when it comes to the subject of bait flavours and additives, in the commercial fishing camp there will be as many no votes as yes votes. Line up 50 match anglers and 25 will swear by them, the others will just as quickly dismiss their validity" 


Map Package Giveaway

map packahe giveaway pf 17 dec

MAP has kindly offered up a super TKS 402 pole and clothing prize package worth £1,279 for one lucky reader of Pole Fishing to WIN!

Pick up the December issue for your chance to win!


Reservoir Dogs 

reservoir dogs pf dec 17

Rob Wootton heads to Naseby Reservoir, a big, open expanse of water where it's easy to get daunted and location is sure to be key to finding the roach! 

"I just love big expanses of water. Not only do they look the business but they also offer several unique challenges that you simply don't find on a lot of smaller waters. I suppose I'm a little spoilt because within half an hour of my Leicestershire home I have plenty of reservoirs and big lakes to choose from, each giving me the option to target different species with differing tactics."


Roach Raid

roach raid pf 17 dec

Jake Fowles heads to the tranquil setting of Shatterford Lakes to hunt down its impressive head of roach

"Stunning silver flanks, deep red fins, and a distribution that means they inhabit most of the UK's river's canals, lakes, and commercial fisheries make the roach one of the most admired and adored species for a lot of anglers, match or pleasure alike."

Target The Margins All Day!

Target the margins all day pf 17 dec

Apparently, the margins can only be fished effectively in the last quarter of the match, but this is a statement that Stewart Bracey reckons is total nonsense. All hail the all-day margin...

"There's an old saying on commercial fisheries that you can't effectively fish in the margins until 4pm or the last 90 minutes of a match. "What utter twaddle" claims Dynamite Baits-backed Stewart Bracey." 


New Gear 

New gear, new look. Here's what you could spend your 'hard earned' on this month

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