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Pole Fishing March 2018

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Make Positivity Pay

p006 010 PF 03 Cam

 Daiwa star Cameron Hughes demonstrates how cool-water positivity can help you put more fish in the net…

"While a negative approach to feeding most definitely has a place on narrow, canal-style lakes during the winter months, when it comes to tackling larger expanses of water with plenty of room to draw fish, Toss Pots and negative feeding can be thrown out of the window, for me. Instead, by keeping your options open and being open to the idea of introducing plenty of bait, you’ll have the fish lining up before you know it."


Wanted Dead or Alive 

p020 024 PF 03 picton cowboy

When it comes to targeting F1s it seems dead maggots are often overlooked. We called on Maver and Marukyu man Sam Brown to find out which are better, dead or live maggots.

How often do you hear of somebody claiming to have caught all of their F1s by fishing dead maggots during the winter months? Not very often I’m guessing. The normal trend in winter F1 fishing is, without doubt, to feed live maggots and generally chase the fish around your peg. 


Redfin Redemption 

p032 035 PF 03 Kayleigh

In winter, ice isn’t just a hazard on the roads – when you get to the venue you could find there’s a big white lid on it! After venturing to a frozen Messingham Sands Fishery, new Preston Innovations signing Kayleigh Smith still aimed to catch a mixed bag of fish.

Despite the arctic conditions at the Scunthorpe venue, pellets were the main bait choice for the England Ladies pro – she even joked about the possibility of catching shallow on them. However, to the amazement of both Kayleigh and the Pole Fishing cameras it turned out that fishing shallow was indeed by far the best approach!


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