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Pole Fishing February 2019

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Tony Curd

TONY CURD 2019 01 31 at 11.24.46

Bait-Tech and MAP’s Tony Curd discusses the importance of finding the correct depth when looking to fulfil the potential of any peg you sit on.


Pemb Wrighting

PEMB Screen Shot 2019 01 31 at 11.28.12

Pinkies – as old as the hills, but are they still as good today as they’ve always been? Guru’s Pemb Wrighting has his say.


Rob Wootton

WOOTTON 2019 01 31 at 11.26.37

It may not be ‘the thing to do’ but Rob Wootton has a simple tactic that helps him pick out those better fish during the cooler months.


Olivier Wimmer

Oliver wimmer 2019 01 31 at 11.30.15

Bait-Tech and Garbolino’s French master of groundbaiting Olivier Wimmer reveals a simple trick to help you keep fish coming for longer!


Sneak Peek: Garbolino Competition Poles

sneak peek 2019 01 31 at 11.51.35

Garbolino’s UK series poles have been a massive hit since their release. Now there are three new and improved additions to the range!


Rive Competition

comp 2019 01 31 at 11.38.52

Get your hands on Rive’s ingenious Smart Club D36 Seatbox in this fantastic competition…


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