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"This Stuff Really Works"

Will Raison’s success on Old Ghost Baits.
“Before I signed for Old Ghost, I was confident that I was getting involved with a forward thinking company, with some great products – but after fishing with the products over the last few months I have to say that they are even better than even I expected.”

These were the words of Daiwa and Old Ghost backed rod, Will Raison, following a great run of form on Old Ghost baits.

“My most recent victory came at Gold Valley, when a mix that I have pioneered for fishing down the edge came up trumps in grand style.

To be honest, the early part of my day was quite slow, and going into the last two hours of the match I had just a couple of carp in my net – then my edge line came to life!

I fed the swim with a mix of equal parts Old Ghost Specimen Carp, F1 Match and Maggot Meal. This was introduced loose with a handful of dead maggots thrown in for  good measure. When the fish turned up,  it was quite literally one every drop in, and I ended the match with 18 carp for a weight of 145lb – which was enough to win the match.

If you are after a mix for targetting carp, then I strongly suggest giving this a go. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with dead maggots – an awesome combination.

The difference between Old Ghost and a lot of other bait manufacturers is that they understand the science behind why a bait works, so when I ask them to produce a specific product, they have a good idea of how to do so. The new range of mini match boilies that are about to come to market are a good example of this. I think a lot of anglers will be switching to them once they hit the shops.

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier with the Old Ghost products that I have seen up to now, and am enjoying working with the company in developing new ideas for the future.

They are a switched on company who listen to their consultants and are keen produce stuff that really works - rather than just makes a profit. I couldn't be more excited about the future!" 

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