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Up Close: MW Floats JC

Joe Carass gives his verdict on his bespoke float from Mick Wilkinson, which has found itself in MW Floats’ extensive range!

Do you ever go fishing and think that the floats that you have or that are available just aren’t right? Last year I was getting it a lot. I was fishing at Makins a lot at the time and when fishing pellets across I was having the nightmare that seems always to happen – fish coming into the swim, giving me an almighty line bite before bow waving out of it, never to be seen again.

Why was I striking at what were clearly not bites? My bristles were just too thin and didn’t have the buoyancy that I felt was necessary. A really thick bristle was what I needed and an idea came up in my head for a float that would do the job nicely.

I visited my friend and legendary float maker Mick Wilkinson, and we sat and chatted, drank lots of tea and then I gave him a prototype of what I wanted. I left the idea with him and a few weeks later the Mick Wilkinson JC was born!

Now this is a float that is perfect for shallow-water summer situations. The body and bristle is all one piece and is made from the ultra-tough foam that Mick uses throughout his range. The squatt, round body means the float takes plenty of shot but is nice and compact and unobtrusive in the water.

The bristle is about 3mm in thickness and is very buoyant; I can dot this down or leave plenty showing, depending on the situation. When this float dots down, it sits rock solid in any surface skim and seems to cut through it. The wire stem also helps the float be very stable and means that it cocks very quickly too.

I originally intended this float for fishing to the far bank of snake lakes but since using them I have realised that they are the perfect float for shallow fishing for carp. They just help to present the bait so well. I have even cut the wire stem down on a few of them and now use them for F1s shallow.

Another use is as a margin float. In short, the float that I thought would have quite a limited use has actually turned into one of the most versatile in my box!

Better still, as with all of Mick’s floats, they are bombproof! I am yet to have one break and have caught some big weights on them and given them some right hammer.

They may look a little different to the norm, but if you regularly fish commercial venues then the JC could well be the float you are looking for.

The thick bristle makes the JC highly visible.

Originally intended for the far bank of snake lakes, these floats have a much wider range of applications.

MW Floats

RRP: £2.20


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