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Drennan Margin Crystal Floats

Joe Carass looks at the fantastic Margin Crystal floats, another first from the Drennan stable.

I was once an extremely privileged guest at Drennan HQ for a factory visit. Believe me when I say that the ethos and manufacturing really is top of the tree and seeing it first-hand is all the more impressive. When I went, they showed me a project they were working on, which was blow-moulding clear plastic shapes that looked remarkably like dibbers. It was kept very much under wraps and I couldn’t wait to see the finished result. Fast-forward two years and the original Crystal Dibbers were launched. There really can’t be many anglers who haven’t got some of these in their box! They are super-strong and, unless you lose them, will last for ages. The next stage was the inline version, of which I am a particular fan. I love using inline floats for F1s and these fit the bill perfectly. I find an inline float allows me to keep a tight line between pole tip and float nicely, which helps with hitting bites.

The Crystal concept was working well and I couldn’t wait to see the next stage of the development. When Jon Arthur from Drennan snuck some of the new Margin Crystals into my seatbox while we were out one day, I knew they were something special. Dibbers are fantastic but they have their limitations in terms of versatility, so a bristled float was the next step. Available in 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g, these have to be the ultimate floats for shallow-water situations where you need to fish on the bottom. They are ridiculously strong and durable and the clear bodies have to be an advantage! I don’t believe for a minute that the fish can’t see them, but if the silhouette isn’t as harsh then it has to be beneficial. The 2.5mm Glow Tip has plenty of buoyancy, perfect for presenting large baits such as double worm or large cubes of meat when fishing in the margin. The thicker bristle will also prevent the float from shooting under when a carp brushes the line.

Despite the name, these floats are far from just a margin float. I have found them very good for shallow fishing for bigger carp when I much prefer a bristled float to allow me to read the swim. The 0.4g and 0.5g are also fine for fishing on the bottom in open water. The great thing about these floats is that they take plenty of shot, so the sizes take what you want them to take! It sounds obvious, but many floats on the market don’t take as much shot as they should. I can’t say enough about these floats. They work perfectly, are super-strong and have all of the obvious benefits that a clear float can offer. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to go and buy a few – you will not be disappointed!

RRP: £1.85


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