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NG XT Pole Floats

Pole Float Excellence! Jake Fowles takes a close look at the impressive XT Jordan range of hand-made pole floats from Nick Gilbert…

Hand-made pole floats are all the rage at the moment – value for money, versatile and, most importantly, made to demand. What this means is that new patterns are created to suit very specific needs and angling situations rather than the often generic ‘do all’ type patterns mass-produced by tackle companies. Look on the rig roost of some of the best anglers about and you will find a host of hand-made float patterns that they have had made for them by one of the many float makers scattered across the country, and which will do the specific job at hand almost perfectly. Nick Gilbert’s products, and in particular his hand-made pole floats, are very well endorsed within the sport. In fact, in both 2014 and 2015 he was the winner of our Pole Fishing Tackle Awards Best Handmade Float category, voted for by readers, an impressive feat considering the amount of competition around!

NG XT Jordan And Jordan Power Having got my hands on a full set of NG XT Jordans and the new, beefed-up version, the NG XT Jordan Power, I was keen to give them a good examination. The first noticeable attribute of these floats is how well made they are. Each and every float in the set has a consistent finish with no blemishes or signs of human error. On taking these floats out on the bank it didn’t take me long to see how well they performed; the 0.6mm wire stem makes both the Jordan and the Jordan Power extremely stable, and despite their first venture out being on a very windy day the floats coped very well. The standard Jordans come with either a 1.2mm or 1.5mm hollow bristle in sizes 0.1g to 0.4g; I have found the 1.2mm bristled version perfect for fishing pellets for shy-biting F1s, where rig sensitivity is paramount.

The 1.5mm bristled version is similarly impressive and the extra thickness of bristle will benefit those who prefer a more visible float or when fishing slightly heavier baits. The NG XT Jordan Power is, as the name suggests, the ‘toughened up’ version of the two patterns. Featuring a 2mm hollow bristle it is perfect for supporting larger baits such as meat, corn or worms and in conjunction with a 0.6mm wire stem the float is again extremely stable. The Jordan Power comes with the choice of either a side eye or spring eye, and in sizes 0.2g to 0.5g to suit a lot of commercial fishery situations. When using heavier elastics for big carp a lot of pressure is often put on the float, and in particular the eye. A spring eye, unlike a standard side eye, cannot be pulled out of the float, therefore reducing the chances of breakages and the added cost of replacing broken floats. That said, due to the very impressive construction of these floats the side eyes seem to be very strong and so far I have not had a single one fall even slightly out of place, despite catching some big weights while using the NG XT Jordan range.

A New Addition Having tested the NG XT Jordan and NG XT Jordan Power float ranges extensively over the past month, not only in specific testing sessions but also during my own personal matches, including Maver Match This qualifiers where weights exceeding 100lb have been caught, I have been extremely impressed by them. So much so, in fact, that a set of each now find themselves tied up in my tackle box ready to be used in upcoming matches and sessions. The build quality and consistency of these floats give them the feel of a mass-produced product, but with the added finesse and performance of a hand-assembled piece. If you are looking for a new range of floats to add to your commercial collection, take a look at the XT Jordan range from Nick Gilbert!

RRP: NG XT Jordan Power (side or spring eye): £1.70 NG XT Jordan 1.5mm or 1.2mm bristle: £1.70

Website: www.float-store.co.uk

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