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For a while now there have been rumours of developments behind the doors of the MAP factory. The main consensus was that the company, which has already established itself as a front-runner in the pole and terminal tackle sectors of the market, was in fact bringing a seatbox to the market.

However, that theory was in fact incorrect, because MAP is not bringing a single seatbox to the market… it is unleashing three! Each of the range has unique features that will appeal to different people, depending on what they need or want from their chosen seatbox.

The H-Series

The H-30 Lite is the smallest box in the range, offering anglers a very lightweight and space-advantageous option. It comes supplied with the standard pole seat that graces the whole range, while a deep and a shallow drawer give you plenty of storage for your terminal tackle, making it the perfect setup for anglers who fish canals and rivers regularly, or who prefer to keep the contents of their box concise for fishing commercial venues.

SRP: £325

The H-30 Comp features the same, H-style frame as the H-30 Lite but has the addition of a deep base unit, giving owners the further benefit of being able to store larger items within the seatbox itself, such as pole cups, catapults and spare bait boxes, to name just a few options.

SRP: £435

Z-30 Elite

The Z-30 Elite is the real show stopper in the line-up and offers anglers a setup that is both visually pleasing as well as impressively practical. As the name suggests, the Z-30 features a super-strong Z-shaped alloy frame that not only adds to the aesthetics of the box but also helps to reduce its overall weight, while maintaining impressive strength that has been designed to withstand whatever you can throw at it. Rather than the ‘all-in-one’ design of the H-frame boxes, the Z-30 offers owners a stacker system so tailoring your setup can be achieved with the addition of further trays or drawer units if the standard 30mm and 60mm drawers, 30mm unit and stacker lid are not enough for you. SRP: £599

Across The Range Each of the three boxes in the range features 30mm telescopically extendable legs that are threaded to allow for the attachment of any accessories you want to add, such as a pole sock or tulip grip. At the bottom of the legs mudfeet are hinged on a ball-and-socket joint to allow slight movement when being placed on an uneven surface.

Each box also comes supplied with a solid, anti-slip footplate that is strong and stable, giving you the confidence to stand up on it without any fear of it not being able to support your weight. Another unique feature across the range is the use of MAP’s 180-degree Multi Lock System. This allows users to lock each leg in place but also decide where to position the locking knob. This allows for the added benefit of reducing storage space when packing away at home or in the car, or simply to tuck out of the way when fishing to reduce the chance of your rig snagging around them.


It doesn’t just stop at the seatbox units themselves, either! MAP has plans for a full range of accessories to ‘pimp’ your new seatbox with as well. Small, medium and large side trays, starting from £34.99, are available. All three options are produced using a durable aluminium alloy and feature a powder-coated finish and perforated base. The larger of the two trays also come supplied with two support legs that can be attached in multiple positions using MAP’s ‘QRS’ system

What Is QRS?

This is simply MAP’s new ‘Quick Release System’ for seatbox accessories. It works using a simple push-release mechanism that allows you to remove the bulky, main part of an attachment from your seatbox yet leave the connection still attached.

The benefit of this is that once you have your setup sorted, getting to that stage at the start of a session means simply clicking the attachments into place rather than screwing them all back on to your legs! This system is not just compatible with MAP boxes either, as 25mm, 30mm and 36mm inserts are provided with each accessory, making it suitable for any round-legged system with these diameters. At this stage the QRS range consists of three lengths of outrigger arm, ideal for pole socks, tulip grips or just resting your pole on with its protective foam cover. Two sizes of accessory arm and a feeder arm give you a range of options and like the outrigger arms feature a simple twist release accessory insert that can be left attached to your accessories and removed and attached with ease.

The QRS keepnet attachment allows you to quickly release your nets at the end of a session without the need to unscrew them from the attachment. Further to this you can choose which clamp you use, depending on whether you want to attach to a standard keepnet attachment in conjunction with any 25mm, 30mm or 36mm leg or use the accessory bar clamp to allow attachment to the range’s QRS accessory bar.

MAP Barrows

To complement the new range of seatboxes MAP has also introduced a choice of two brand-new barrows to the market. These include two (X2) or four-wheeled (X4) options that can both be neatly packed away into their own carryall, making storage simple and super-space-efficient. Both models feature a sliding base that allows you to extend or retract the base of the barrow depending on how much gear needs to be loaded. This feature also doubles up to allow the base of the barrow to be slid away to reduce its surface area, increasing the ease of storage. The two and four-wheeled barrows have a separate carry pouch at the handle end and further to this can have an additional ‘front bag’ attached, which has been designed to carry a stink bag or separate keepnets, saving you having to place these items on top of your other tackle. Solid wheels ensure you are not going to have any problems with punctures and the ability to position them either inwards or out further adds to the versatility of the barrow, giving you the choice of extra stability – perhaps when on the wide, laid-out paths of a commercial fishery – or added manoeuvrability when you are faced with a narrow canal towpath.


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