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Maver Signature Whip Pole

With the UK river scene as strong as ever, having the correct gear can give you an important edge on the bank.

The new Signature Series 8m Whip from Maver includes many of the standout features that are present on its flagship poles, including Black Suncore Finish and Nanolith technology, giving users a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Unlike many other whips, the Signature is take-apart rather than fully telescopic.

This means that it can be used at a range of distances depending on the situation you are faced with, both in typical whip fashion, or as a more conventional take-apart pole. At its full eight metres the whip weighs a featherweight 365g and offers a stiff and responsive action, achieved through the use of high tensile carbon and Teflon joints.

With the use of the standard flicktip (of which you also receive a spare top-three flicktip kit) the whip is perfect for smaller fish, bleak, roach and dace to name but a few. However, the Signature Whip also comes supplied with two spare hollow No1 sections. This means that when exchanged for the flicktips you are able to elasticate the top kits that you will receive. The result is a full 8m pole capable of housing up to a No8 elastic, giving your new weapon further versatility and the option to use it at a range of venues.



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