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Drennan Series 7 Ex-Strong Carp Match 3.3m

If it is strength and reliability that you are looking for the Drennan Series 7 Ex-Strong Carp offers just those in abundance.

This 3.3m, three-piece handle will handle everything you are likely to catch in standard coarse fishing scenarios, with extra strength in reserve when a real lump turns up as well!

An option of two screw fittings that have been bonded and pinned into a reinforced section of carbon give you the choice of using the handle at either 2.2m or 3.3m lengths, while helping to increase the strength and durability of the handle.

Of course, all of this strength comes at a slight compromise with a little added weight, but this just further increases the user’s confidence in the Series 7 handle’s power. When it comes to catching big fish from the country’s popular commercial fishery scene this tool is certainly up to the job!

• Full length: 3.3m

• Total sections: Three

• Number of threaded sections: Two

• Section attachment: Take apart

• Strength rating: 5/5

• Weight rating: 2.5/5

• Rigidity rating: 4/5

• Value for money: 4.5/5

RRP: £49.95


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