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Sensas Nanoflex 875 pole

Every Base Covered! Pole Fishing runs the rule over the new range of Series Five Poles from Sensas, as well as assistant editor Jake Fowles having the pick of the crop to have a go with himself…

W hen it comes to producing the goods in the pole market, Sensas has a reputation of getting things spot on, with comprehensive spares packages, high performance and poles to cover the sport’s every need. The Range The Series Five range consists of six models, with the Sensas Nanoflex 825 the entry level model in the line-up. This is a 13m package that comes equipped with four top kits, including two of Sensas’ impressive Fighting Top twos (coloured side slotted kits). Falling into the budget category of the pole market at a price of £399 the 825 is the real workhorse in the range, with strength in abundance. At the other end of the spectrum is Sensas’ flagship offering, the Nanoflex 895. This pole has a price tag of £2,999 and comes equipped with a total of eight kits, made up of two Competition Top-Five kits, two Competition Top-Four kits, Two Competition Top-Three kits as well as the kit within the 16m pole package and a cupping kit.

A comprehensive package aimed at serious to professional anglers who are seeking a pole that offers unparalleled performance and finesse above all else. As well as the slight tweaks made to the structure of each of the poles, it is the inclusion of new Inter-Extensions that sets these poles apart from their predecessors. These extensions are much lighter and thinner in diameter than a standard pole extension, and rather than being placed into the back of the pole as is normally the case they are actually inserted between the butt (13m section) and the 11.5m section. This helps maintain the rigidity and responsiveness of the pole at full length, largely due to the superior balance achieved from the reduced weight of pole sections in front of you, leaving the heaviest, strongest section under your elbow. What Sensas has compiled here is a range of poles with a little bit of something for everyone. As has always been the case with Sensas there is an understanding that there should be poles available that perfectly suit any angler’s style.

As with all poles it is all about finding that perfect balance to find a tool that is up to the task that you ask of it. With six poles all offering different ratios of strength, weight and rigidity, all you have to do is find the one that suits you! On Test With the whole range at my disposal I have opted to put the the Nanoflex 875 through its paces at my local venue. You may be thinking that with the flagship model and then the 885 there for me to test, why wouldn’t I go straight for them? Quite simply, for the venues that I fish most often this is the one most suited to me. Although relatively well rounded my fishing now largely revolves around the commercial fishery scene with the occasional natural venue trip in the form of a river or canal thrown in for good measure. The 875 falls into the higher, mid-range bracket and will be available at a smidge under £2,000 (£1,999) and at that price I very much expect this pole to offer fantastic performance.

However, I also expect it to give me all the reassurances that I can rough it up a bit as well, something I may be less confident to do with the more expensive models. Two package options are available: the competition pack suits those who fish a lot of deeper venues with its inclusion of spare fours and fives, while the all-round pack includes four of Sensas’ slotted Fighting Kits along with another five tops (giving you nine in total). Existing Sensas Series Four pole owners will also be happy to know that all sections up to your No6 will fit this range as well, giving you even more spares for your shiny new pole. On the bank the 875 didn’t disappoint: starting short the pole feels as comfortable to use as anything else I have had on the bank, with its sections feeling solid in the hand as I ship a mixture of big roach and skimmers towards me and into my net. Similarly at 14.5 and 16 metres the 875 continues to impress, and even at this longer length I find hitting the little dinks on my float typical of a winter’s day’s fishing a breeze, although with the final extension in a little of the poker-stiff rigidity experienced at shorter lengths does start to go. Although today I have opted for a single No6 elastic through one of the supplied match kits, the wall strength of the pole instantly gives me the feeling that the 875 could perform as a true all-rounder, and could easily handle the rigours of modern-day commercial fishing as well as offering plenty of finesse, with the Inter-Extensions offering a really slim profile, which feels great to ship out with at speed.

This is another great range of poles introduced by Sensas, in which there is sure to be something suitable for all in the market for a new pole.

The Package
Competition Pack • 1 13m Sensas Nanoflex 875 pole • 2 875 Inter-Extensions • 2 Top-Five Competition • 2 Top-Four Competition • 2 Top-Three Competition • 1 Mini Extension • 1 Cupping Kit • 1 London Holdall & Tubes RRP: £1,999 All-Round Pack • 1 13m Sensas Nanoflex 875 pole • 2 875 Inter-Extensions • 4 Fighting Top-Two pack • 2 Match Top-Threes • 1 Match Top-Four • 1 Mini Extension • 1 Cupping Kit • 1 London Holdall & Tubes RRP: £1,999

Tech Spec
• Sensas Nanoflex 875 • Stated length: 16m • Actual length: 15.59m • Top-kit length: 3.21m • Top-four length: 4.52m • Top-five length: 5.94m • Puller kits fitted: On selected kits • Cupping kits supplied: Yes • Holdall supplied: Yes • Butt-section length: 1.76m • Butt diameter: 50mm

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