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Bait-Tech – The Juice Dumbbells

The new Bait-Tech The Juice Dumbells are not limited to use on the feeder – we look at how these flavoured hook baits can be used to great effect on the pole.

Commercial carp are constantly wising up to the methods thrown at them on a daily basis, and the need to keep evolving our existing methods is vital to keep ahead of the pack! 

While the new The Juice Dumbells are traditionally at home in the world of feeder fishing, the Wafter versions are absolutely bang on for mugging and shallow tactics on the pole, being a slow-sinking hook bait. 

Together with a size 16 or 14 hook you can single out a fish and manage to keep the hook bait falling in its line of sight for far longer than you can with other baits, which ultimately means more bites and fish in the net! Using a simple shallow rig with a hair-rigged band setup that can be flicked on a long line to cruising fish, it’s an easy but devastating method to employ and is responsible for silly amounts of match wins every year. 

The Juice flavour is a proven winner for catching commercial carp and was the only flavour of choice when it came to creating the new The Juice Dumbell range – go on, dare to be different!

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