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Braving The Elements

Editor Alex Bones takes to the banks of Larford Lakes to put the all-new flagship Frenzee Precision 6E FXT pole through its paces.

Frenzee kindly delivered its new flagship 6E FXT pole to the PF office – in fact it’s that fresh it’s actually their final pre-production model, so the one that’ll be available to buy will be even better than this model I’m testing!

With them needing the pole back sharpish I decided a trip to Larford Lakes was in order, so that’s where we headed.

Looking over the pole I couldn’t help but be impressed with the attention to detail that has gone into it. It’s not only the performance that impresses, but also the added extras that all add up to a highly desirable package.

Frenzee has added what it is calling ‘Stubby’ kits, which are a stroke of genius. They’re a short traditional No2 section, meaning you can convert ‘standard’ length top kits into short-style kits. The Stubby kits fit on to what would be regarded as a traditional No3 joint of your top kit – they’re a superb idea and they come ready-bushed in either 3.2mm, 4.3mm or 5.2mm diameters.


Stubby kits – superb! Precision points along the pole are a great touch.


So rather than using one-piece top kits you can transform existing two or three-piece Frenzee kits into ‘all the rage’ short kits. 

For the session I decided on a slop and corn approach on the short line near some lily pads and a long pinging pellet approach to test the pole at 14.5 metres plus. Both the carp and F1s in this lake are a good stamp and after the heavy rain came some drier weather, so it was time to get plumbed up and sorted to put this pole through its paces. The cross wind was ‘spin-you-around-on-your-box’ strong at times, to say the least, but looking on the positive side that did afford a valuable test scenario for the 6E.


Slop and corn – what a combo.


The water was towing heavily, so I used a 4x16 Malman pattern shotted with a bulk of No8s for the 3ft deep swim! But tow and wind made decent presentation awkward, as it was shallow on my side of Match Lake, in the lower numbers. Pinging 6mm fishery pellets over the top of a banded 6mm soon resulted in a few bites though, and slowly but sure enough the stamp improved before the shorter line with slop and corn came into play.

I’ll be frank – as poles go this is a bloody good one! Really the performance is faultless – it’s on a par with anything else in its price range for sure, and things like the precision points that feature along the pole, and the Stubby kits, are add-ons that I really appreciate and look for. To me spares, innovation and attention are what’s becoming as important (if not more so) when it comes to buying any pole, and not just a flagship one either.

IMG 1364

The Precision 6E was happy to take some stick!


The Stubby kits alone (which will be available in both black and grey versions) would sway me towards buying it if I was torn between this and others. I like the versatility they offer and I’m a big fan of shorter-style tops kits for both F1 setups and carp, too. I like how they stiffen the pole up and the length of hollow elastic they offer is perfectly adequate for carp fishing in all but extreme situations.

The short line came good, with the Bait-Tech Dark slop and corn approach. Nothing too technical – today was first and foremost about putting this pole through its paces – from bottomed-out elastic while clinging on to the very end of the thickest sections as carp charged across Match Lake to super-responsive striking afforded by this pole’s fantastic rigidity, it has it all and there is just nothing to fault.

The spares package is great, the finish down the entire length of the pole is super smooth. It’ll simply just do it all effortlessly – commercials, canals and rivers! With design input from the likes of Jon Wincup and the rest of the team I just can’t help but be impressed with what Frenzee is delivering!

I ended the session with plenty of hard-fighting carp and F1s in the net and along with the strong, gusting wind I couldn’t really have tested the 6E FXT any harder.

IMG 1400

A fantastic pole with a great spares package and some fine innovation to boot. Winner!



The Package:

• 16m pole

• 8 top kits all fitted with Eeze Glyde side pullers

• Cupping kit with cups

• Dolly butt that fits 13, 14 and 16m sections

• Short No4 section

• 3 Stubby kits that come pre-bushed with one each of 3.2mm, 4.3mm and 5.2mm bushes

• Holdall



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