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A Solid Response?

Pole Fishing looks at one of the most popular models in Preston’s Response line-up – the mid-range 16m M50 package, which comes in at £1,149.99. Should you buy one?

Preston Innovations’ 16m Response M90 flagship pole has become a popular model, and carrying an RRP of £2,999.99 you are rewarded with stunning flagship performance and all of the spares and features you’d expect for that price. The mid-range Response M50, however, is made using the same 100 per cent Torayca high-modulus Japanese carbon as its flagship counterpart, but rolls in at an RRP of £1,149.99 – over two-and-a-half times less!

The M50 shares many of the same characteristics and one of the big winners for this model is that all of this pole’s sections are fully interchangeable with the M90. While the M50 is an exceptional pole in its own right it’s also a great ‘backup’ for serious M90 owners who feel they need to carry a spare pole.

Stiff, strong and responsive, the pole has impressive balance and recovery on the strike, with internal reinforcement featuring on all female sections, plus Preston’s Easy Ship anti-friction finish.

IMG 0635

Preston says: “This is a true all-rounder designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern fishing. It’s a true 16 metres when fitted with the reinforced half-extension, which is supplied as standard. Including this, which also fits the 14.5m section, the package contains a total of three mini extensions, two of which are bi-conical and fit sections 5/6 and 7/8 respectively, giving total protection regardless of the distance you are fishing.

IMG 0626

“This pole is supplied with a combination of optimum length 2.4m match kits and Roller Pulla power kits that require no cutting back, as all are pre-bushed with genuine Preston Innovations Slip bushes, ready to fish.”

The M50 package is supplied with a total of seven kits – all same length – always ensuring accurate feeding and rig placement. To further optimise performance, EVA elastic alignment cones with PTFE bushes are supplied for every top kit and this pole features section alignment arrows for maximum efficiency. Top-three kits and No4 sections are compatible with existing GXR and GIS poles.

The M50 packs into one section at 14.5 metres and comes supplied with two extremely hardwearing protective pole tubes, for the 14.5m pole and the 16m section. All of the spare kits also come supplied in individual protective tubes as well as a bespoke Response Monster pole holdall.

The Package

  • 1 x 16m pole
  • Section 9/10 half extension
  • 2 x Match top two kit (2.4m)
  • 4 x Roller Pulla Power top two kit (2.4m)
  • Section 7/8 bi-conical mini extension
  • Section 5/6 bi-conical mini extension
  • Monster Response holdall
  • EVA elastic alignment cones with PTFE bushes
  • Kupping Kit and Kups

RRP £1,149.99



  • Length – 16m
  • Closed Length – 1,830mm
  • Top 2 Length – 2,400mm
  • Top 3 Length – 3,950mm
  • Weight at 13m (8 Sections) – 810g
  • Weight at 14.5 m (9 Sections) – 1100g
  • Weight at 16m (without half butt) – 1,420g
  • No of sections – 10

Optional Extras

  • Match top two kit M90 (2.4m)
  • Match top three kit M90 (3.95m)
  • Roller Pulla Power top two kit (2.4m)
  • Roller Pulla F1 top two kit (2.4m)
  • F1 short Stop (1.85m)
  • Short No3 section
  • Universal 1.7m mini extension

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