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Up Close: Preston Mag-store System

Pole Fishing takes a look at the all-new Mag-Store System from Preston Innovations.

The original blue hooklength boxes from Preston Innovations are among the most popular angling products ever produced. In fact, walk the bank of almost any venue and you’d be hard put to find an angler who doesn’t have one or two within their tackle. 

Then came the new and improved hooklength retaining system from PI and, you guessed it, they have been very popular since their introduction and are very much new and improved.

So what makes the new Mag Store system worth buying over the standard system? Let’s run through a few key features.

Size Options

There are three Mag Store boxes of varying sizes in the range, each of which is supplied with between eight and 10 sticks, with additional ones available separately. The smallest, at four inches in length is the perfect choice for all of your short hooklengths where F1s and edge fishing is concerened. 

The medium box is made for 6in sticks while also capable of housing the smaller 4in sticks should you require.

Finally, the large Mag Store box is designed to store 12in and 15in hooklengths and comes supplied with eight unique curved Rig Sticks, which allows users to store longer hooklengths without having to carry around an oversized box in order to do so. The large Mag Store box can also house the two smaller sizes of Sticks, making it particularly versatile.

Mag Store

What makes the Mag Store system differ from many normal hooklength boxes is the introduction of removable Mag Store Rig Sticks. Every Stick can be removed individually, allowing you to position and change their location within the box at will. Further, being fibreglass reinforced eliminates bending and warping in warmer conditions. Each individual Stick is held in place using magnets, ensuring they slot into place with a positive click and will stay in place during transport.

Each box features a weatherproof rubber gasket to help keep the contents of your hookbox safe from the elements while dual identification points allow you to highlight and identify the contents of each Mag Store box.

The box itself feels solid and of high quality, something that is sure to keep the contents within safe and damage-free.

The Game Changer

While all of the above makes for a perfectly good product, and one that is certainly going to have its fans, here at Pole Fishing we weren’t convinced that that would be enough to convince the majority of anglers to go for Mag Store over the conventional Preston Innovations Hooklength boxes, such is their popularity and value for money.

That was until we heard of Preston Innovations’ plans due for release very soon.

This will see the release of pre-tied hooklengths, ready tied and stored on Mag Store Sticks that can be bought separately and slotted straight into your Mag Store boxes! A stroke of genius that is certain to be popular with anglers of all abilities. 


(Small) £14.99

(Medium) £17.99

(Large) £19.99

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