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MAP Hooklength Box Featured

Re-designed for 2017 is the Competition Hook Length Storage system, which thanks to a number of unique features allows you to store any hook length from 2 inches right thought to 2 feet.

The slotted foam has been replaced with solid pins to secure your hook length loops, these have been ‘beefed up’ to ensure that there is no chance of them bending or snapping even in extreme temperatures. To further protect your hook lengths a tint has now been applied to the lid to prevent them being damaged by UV light whilst still allowing you to quickly locate the hook length you need.

The pins are placed at inch increments to allow you to store a variety of hook length sizes with hook retaining pins placed at both ends of the box, meaning you can store hook lengths up to 6 inches back to back to maximise space.

Should you want to store longer hook lengths we supply the box with an exclusive soft rubber grommet which can be placed over one of the hook retaining pins, this means longer hook lengths can be safely and easily wrapped around this to prevent any kinking or damage to the line making it one of the most versatile hook boxes on the market. 

Double sided, meaning you can store upwards of 360 hook lengths, it also features an innovative built in measuring tool that will ensure all your hook lengths are exactly the same length.

SRP £26.99

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