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On Test: A Perfect Partner Featured

Editor Jake Fowles takes a look at the Browning Sphere Zero-G Power Partner. A standalone 10.5m pole, or just a back-up for existing pole owners?

While owning a single pole to cover every eventuality may be found securely at the top of most pole anglers’ wish lists, in reality finding a tool that can offer outstanding performance, even at long range, and handle the rigours of commercial edge fishing or striking through heavy floats on deep, flowing venues (both of which ask serious questions of your precious carbon) is a somewhat difficult task.

For this reason you will often hear of many anglers carrying a spare pole for those days when their more glamorous, first-choice option is left to one side while the back-up is thrown into action to deal with the situation presented.

The first choice, in this situation, is generally a flagship/top-end model that offers superior finesse and performance from a technical perspective: Lighter, stiffer and the go-to choice in 80 per cent of angling scenarios.

The remaining 20 per cent is where the back-up comes into play. This may be to deal with big fish, a snag-ridden edge peg or even just to combat weather conditions on the day. In these situations the more expensive model is left in the bag not to be risked, while the back-up pole, which is generally stronger as well as less expensive, is brought into play.

Power Partner

The Browning Sphere Zero-G Power Partner has been designed using all of the same technology as its flagship companion the Sphere Zero-G F1 Plus, including tactile precision points on the butt section and overwrapped joints throughout. However, it also has further reinforcement in key areas, which makes it a stronger pole capable of being thrown into more demanding situations.

NOG 5785

At 10.5 metres in length the Power Partner is not simply a margin pole, however, and offers fantastic performance despite its ‘power pole’ labelling. It manages to remain incredibly rigid – a trait the Sphere is renowned for – while also being extremely lightweight and well balanced (just 645g at 10.5 metres, if you like to look at the quantitative information). Not exactly qualities associated with other power poles on the market and making the Power Partner a perfect choice whether it is as a back-up for exisiting Sphere owners who feel the need for a stronger alternative, or as a stand-alone 10.5m pole for summer bagging at short range, and a perfectly good first choice for many.

NOG 5788

Although supplied at 10.5 metres, that is not to say it can only be used up to this length. The entire Power Partner pole follows the same mandrel as the Browning Sphere Zero-G (and Silverlite models), which allows the butt sections from the Sphere to be used without a problem, allowing you to push on up to the 17m mark where needed.

What Will I Get?

For the £799 that the Sphere Zero-G Power Partner will ask of you, you’ll get your hands on a pole-only package inclusive of a single Browning Multikit. These cleverly designed top kits are a two-piece kit made up of a short, F1-style single section kit and a short No3 section. This allows for conventional elastication down both sections, or down just the single section, a popular choice where F1s are concerned.

The kit itself is pre-bushed with Browning’s Duo Bush system, which ensures that no cutting back is needed; instead, simply remove the narrower bush should an elastic with a wider bore need to be fitted.

NOG 5783

The Power Partner comes supplied in its own cloth bag and Power Partner branded holdall.

The Verdict

As a Sphere user myself, there hasn’t yet been a situation where I have been afraid to deploy it, and the pole has performed excellently on canals, rivers and commercial venues over the past 12 months or so. That said, there have certainly been times during that period where the need for using such an expensive pole is without doubt overkill.

NOG 6116

Short-pole work on commercial venues during summer or cupping balls of groundbait and leam on the river undoubtedly require a little more reassurance, reassurance that the Power Partner certainly offers. For that very reason the Sphere Power Partner slots into the Sphere range perfectly, filling a void that was otherwise void in that there was no exisiting pole that followed the same mandrel as the Sphere and offered increased strength.

The Power Partner can be called upon to offer the superb performance associated with the Sphere range, but with that extra bit of strength to deal with those more demanding situations that we often find ourselves presented with.

  • Actual Length: 10.5m
  • Top-kit length: 2.5m
  • Top-four length: 3.94m
  • Top-five length: 5.45m
  • Butt length: 1.75m
  • Butt diameter: 44mm

RRP: £799

  • 1 x 10.5m Sphere Zero-G Power Partner
  • 1 x Sphere Multikit (housed within pole)
  • 1 x Sphere Power Partner carry case

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