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Up Close: Trabucco X36 Seatbox Featured

Trabucco is back with a bang and the X36 seatbox is just a glimpse of what the company has to offer…

It was to our absolute delight when Phil Medhurst, the man behind the latest resurgence of Italy-based company Trabucco called to inform us that it is having another big push in the UK.

In fact, we were quick to arrange a meeting, eager to get a first look at what tackle the company had to offer. Sure enough, a week or so later a van full of tackle was brought along to the Pole Fishing offices, with plenty of new and exciting items there to behold. One that instantly grabbed our attention was the new Trabucco GNT X36 seatbox.

IMG 7730 2

The box itself is attractive, to say the least. And available in four equally impressive colours of black, white, lime and our personal favourite… red. Pole Fishing red, if you please.

The X36 has a low profile and sits on six 36mm legs, locked in place with 180-degree positioning adjustment knobs. This clever leg-locking system ensures that during transport the box’s profile is kept to a minimum but functionality is not compromised in order to do that. Four of the legs are telescopic and have a screw fitting in the top, with one of the remaining two rear legs featuring an inbuilt spirit level in addition to the one built into the back of the frame itself. Small details that show that considerable thought has gone into its design.

IMG 7736 2

The large aluminium footplate slides out in a familiar cassette fashion while the removable stacker system uses a pin-lock mechanism, meaning easy removal and safe storage of any extra units stored underneath the main compartment. While on the subject of trays and storage, there is plenty of it included! The standard configuration includes a 40mm deep unit, 20mm side draw unit and a gel padded pole seat in the main unit, while the removable stacker is made up of a 40+20mm, 40mm and finally a 20mm unit. Giving you ample room for all of your terminal tackle and accessories plus the ability to modify your box’s setup as you please with the existing units or available extras.

IMG 7741 2

Accessories are also widely available, of course being a pretty standard 36mm round leg there is plenty of choice on the market. However, Trabucco does have a whole host of made-to-measure additions to match your new seatbox. Bump bars, side trays, keepnet and brolly arms, you name it. There is also a handy trolley kit available at £110, which features pneumatic wheels that are attached directly to the seatbox, for those of us who like to make getting from our car to our peg as simple and effortless as possible.

Overall, an impressive piece of kit that is certainly going to tick a lot of boxes for many. At £470 it is also competitively priced in today’s market and you are certainly getting plenty of box for your buck!

RRP: £470

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