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In The Mix: Tailor Your Roach Mix

Pole Fishing gets its hands dirty with three mixes from Marukyu to cover your every need!

Marukyu Natural Roach has made an instant impact among natural venue anglers over the past 12 months. The mix, primarily aimed at targeting roach on natural venues but that has shown its worth where all silver fish are concerned, whether fishing a canal, river or lake, offers a distinctively aromatic tone packed full of natural attractors.

Natural Roach

The Mix: 100% Natural Roach

Suited to: Summer canal fishing, lakes


Straight out of the bag Natural Roach is an excellent standalone mix that contains plenty of ingredients capable of attracting and holding fish in your peg. Versatile and easily mixed to your desired consistency, so whether it is a quick breakdown you are looking to achieve in order to put a bed of bait down quickly or a heavier mix more suited to carrying added particles your mix can be tailored to suit.

The Carrier!

The Carrier

The Mix: 50% Natural Roach/50% Natural River

Suited to: Rivers, deep lakes

The carrier mix combines two popular groundbaits within the Marukyu Natural range in a 50/50 mix of Natural River and Natural Roach. As the name suggests this results in a nice heavy, semi-sticky mix that can be packed with loose feed without the risk of breaking down before it reaches its desired destination.

With added binder and attractants offered by Natural River it is effective when targeting all silver fish; along with the complementary distinctive flavour and scent of Natural Roach this is the perfect mix where deeper venues are concerned.

The ‘Playing It Safe’ Mix


The Mix: 30% Natural Roach/70% Fine Dark Canal

Suited to: Canals, low-weight venues

The perfect mix when you are expecting a tough day, and attraction without running the risk of filling the fish in your peg up is key. Marukyu Fine Dark Canal is a low-feed mix that is dark in colour, suited to harder venues when you need to control the feed you introduce into the peg. This makes Fine Dark Canal the perfect base mix for harder venues.

For increased pulling power an addition of Natural Roach can be added. As previously stated, Natural Roach offers the distinctive scent to attract fish into the peg effectively. For extra-tough venues don’t hesitate to sieve this in order to remove any large particles without affecting the pulling power of the mix. The final product is a fine, dark mix with the added pull and attraction that Natural Roach offers.

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