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Elasticating Your Pole: Frenzee Elastication Guide

Pole Fishing revisits the Frenzee range of elastication accessories and highlights how they can come into play for you…

Stretch Hollow

Stretch is Frenzee’s leading range of hollow elastic, offering soft, smooth and effective performance and boasting over 700 per cent stretch in use. Available in seven grades covering all commercial fishing situations:

3-5 (1.2mm) – The lightest in the range designed with commercial silver fish in mind during the warmer months or when targeting F1s as temperatures drop.

Hooklength: 0.06mm to 0.10mm

5-8 (1.5mm) – The perfect choice when silver fish are the target but where there’s a chance of an occasional bonus fish in the form of bream, F1s or small carp.

Hooklength: 0.08mm to 0.12mm

6-10 (1.8mm) – A fantastic summer F1 elastic whether used to target fish shallow or on the deck. Performs superbly through a short/shallow kit or a full-length kit when extra elastic is required.

Hooklength: 0.10mm to 0.12mm

8-12 (2.1mm) – When things need to be stepped up when catching F1s with carp also likely, Stretch 8-12 fits the bill excellently, offering a soft performance but with a little extra power to tame fish that bit more quickly.

Hooklength: 0.12 to 0.14mm

10-14 (2.3mm) – The go-to choice where carp in the 2 to 6lb bracket are the target. Covering a range of situations from catching shallow or on the deck.

Hooklength: 0.12mm to 0.16mm

12-16 (2.5mm) – Perfect when you need to up the ante where a day’s bagging is on the cards. Also excellent when targeting typical medium to large sized carp in the margins.

Hooklength: 0.14mm to 0.18mm

14-18 (2.8mm) – When big fish and strong tackle is needed this is the elastic to call upon. Powerful without being brutal, this is the perfect margin or short pole elastic when targeting fish of 6lb plus.

Hooklength: 0.16mm to 0.20mm

Frenzee Internal Bushes

One of the most important elements of good pole elastication is the bush you choose to fit and when it comes to smooth performance and elastic longevity, internal bushes come out on top in almost every scenario.

The PTFE internal bushes from Frenzee are available in three sizes: small (3.2mm), medium (4.3mm) and large (5.2mm), ensuring a range of sizes are covered depending on the elastic you plan to thread through your top kits.

Featuring ultra-smooth edges and a chamfered bore to allow for increased elastic performance.

RRP: £1.99

Eeze Glyde Puller Slots

Eeze Glyde is without doubt one of the smoothest side puller systems on the market.

Manufactured using pure PTFE and featuring an in-built roller wheel Eeze Glyde allows your elastic to run smoothly with minimal resistance, aiding both performance and the longevity of your precious elastic.

This wheel also ensures that your housed elastic remains central within the designated top kit and that you are able to strip elastic at any angle without grinding along any rough edges or running the risk of your elastic sticking within your top sections.

Available in two sizes, either small or large requiring 5mm or 6mm diameter slots respectively and supplied with everything you need in order to fit the Eeze Glyde system yourself, including the drilling template.

RRP: £7.99

Puller Beads

The Frenzee Puller Bead has two main functions; the first and most obvious is to be used in conjunction with any top kit fitted with a side puller slot and can be used as a conventional bead with your elastic of choice. The soft rubber gives you something comfortable to grip on to when tensioning your elastic while playing a fish, as well as ensuring the bead doesn’t rattle against the side of the pole, something that can be a nuisance with other beads.

The second function allows these beads to tension your elastic throughout the session without the need to cut the elastic back, allowing you to make minor adjustments to its performance should circumstances dictate.

There are three sizes available, allowing you to team the Frenzee Puller Beads with a range of elastic from the thinnest to thickest hollows. The small will house elastics up to 1.8mm, the medium up to 2.4mm and large up to 3mm determined by the internal bore of each bead. The bore of the bead itself features a gradual taper that can be slid along tensioned elastic without the risk of causing damage but will lock in place when the elastic is under reduced tension.

Fitting the bead is simple and requires either a gated needle or diamond eye threader. Pass the bead on to the needle or threader before trapping your chosen elastic in the gate of the needle or within the eye of the threader. Simply pulling the bead over the top of the elastic will see it pass through. Tie an overhand knot, trim the tags and pull into the bead.

RRP: £1.99 for a pack of three

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