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Up Close: Sensas Jumbo Super Luxe Rollers

No matter whether you are a lover of natural or commercial venues, having a solid roller setup is one of the most important elements of pole fishing. Awkward banks, narrow towpaths or obstacles to navigate around are just some of the situations we are faced with as pole anglers, and when it comes to the safety of our precious carbon a solid roller that can be positioned wherever it is called upon is integral to a comfortable day on the bank.

The Jumbo Super Luxe range of pole rollers from Sensas are the company’s largest pole rollers available, in both flatbed and twin styles and in two sizes, large and extra large. All rollers in the range are able to extent more than double their ‘standard’ height. With that said, each roller also has the ability to be fully functional in its folded position in order to create a low roller mere inches from the ground, making them incredibly versatile and functional no matter what terrain you are faced with.

Each roller in the range features 45-degree uprights at each end to reduce the risk of your pole blowing over the top of the roller in windy conditions, four telescopic legs allowing you to position and adapt the roller to any bank and an in-built spirit level to quickly get the roller level.

Jumbo Super-Luxe Flatbed ‘Large’

Flatbed Large

The smaller of the two Super-Luxe flatbed rollers with a width of 60 centimetres, giving you plenty to aim at when shipping back, and a height of between 68 and 140 centimetres ensuring you can position your pole over all but the tallest obstacles.

Perfect as a standalone roller or paired with a second matching roller when single shipping is required, or as a second roller used in conjunction with a twin roller in situations where double shipping is needed.

RRP: £169

Jumbo Super-Luxe Flatbed ‘Extra Large’

The largest of the two Super-Luxe flatbed rollers, this colossus measures in with a width of 90 centimetres and an un-extended height also of 90 centimetres and can be extended to a maximum height of 201 centimetres.

The ultimate in navigating over awkward banks or when a large roller is needed at close range in speed fishing situations, where throwing your pole back quickly is required and a large roller allows you to do this with ease.

RRP: £199

Jumbo Super-Luxe Twin ‘Large’

Twin Large

The Super-Luxe Twin range comes into play where double shipping is required and allows for functional positioning no matter what the terrain or obstacles you are faced with.

The smaller of the two twin-style rollers measures in with a width of 60 centimetres and can be extended to heights between 73 and 153 centimetres.

RRP: £199

Jumbo Super-Luxe Twin ‘Extra Large’

The largest roller across both styles of Super-Luxe rollers measuring a gargantuan 90 centimetres width and a fully extended height of 210 centimetres and an un-extended height of 94 centimetres.

Where double shipping over awkward banks or obstacles is required this is the perfect roller for the job, whether used as a standalone roller or along with one of the other pole rollers in the range.

RRP: £239

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