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Up Close: Preston Innovations KKM-B Pre-Tied Hooklengths

Historically there has always been something of a stigma around the use of pre-tied hooklengths – inconsistencies in their quality, unbalanced combinations between hook and line and an overall consensus that pre-tieds were a mile off the quality that could be tied by hand.


However (and a big however at that!) in recent years these statements have become far from the truth as we have seen an increased number of high quality pre-tieds hit the market, and with that more and more top anglers have started to confess their use of these time-saving gems.

Since their release, Preston Innovations KKM-Bs have gained quite the fan base; strong, sharp and reliable they are a perfect all-rounder on commercial venues. The brand new pre-tied hooklengths from Preston Innovations make use of these fantastic hooks, combining them with the company’s ever-popular Reflo Power line to give you a high-quality, high-performing hooklength that simply isn’t going to let you down.

Supplied on Preston Innovations Mag Stiks and ready to be slotted straight into the corresponding Mag Store hooklength boxes, each stick comes supplied with eight hooklengths featuring either a band or rapid stop for varying presentations of your hook bait.

Hook sizes include 18, 16, 14 and 12, with each tied at either 4in or 15in lengths. The 18s and 16s are tied to 0.17mm diameter Reflo Power while the 14s and 12s are stepped up to 0.19mm Reflo Power, keeping things balanced and simple.

As mentioned, this range goes hand-in-hand with the Mag Store system that was released earlier this year, and filling up your hookboxes with hooklengths has never been easier! Simply remove the packaging and each stick will click into place within its designated Mag Store box.

Of course this does bring with it a certain problem… you no longer have any excuses for not being prepared!

RRP: £3.75

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