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My World Champs Feeder Team

Yes, I know it's got nowt to do with pole fishing but the first ever world feeder champs has got plenty of tongues wagging so here's my ten penneth!

If I had to pick a squad of six, this would be it. I reckon it's the perfect mix of age, experience and feeder fishing skill. Some of these guys are simply awesome on the feeder wherever they go and all of them would be suited to international-style fishing on a variety of waters.

* Ian Didcote - awesome allround angler with real England potential
* Andy Kinder - easily one of the best feeder anglers in the country
* Lee Kerry - a future world champ in the making
* Darren Cox - brilliant feeder angler on any venue
* Derek Willan - one of the very best feeder men, be it carp, bream or silvers
* Tom Pickering - former world champ and a feeder guru - the obvious choice!

Just missing my top six are Dave Harrell whose previous international experience and knowledge on venues like the Wye would be a great asset. Other Wye regulars like Dave Roberts, Hadrian Whittle and Danny Ashington shouldn't be overlooked. Then there's Trent aces like Dean Barlow and Wayne Swinscoe to consider, Phil and Steve Ringer for their technical prowess, Klaus Fix (if he qualifies!) and a whole ruck of other feeder talent to choose from.

It's a shame that none of the current England squad are eligible as Raison, Scotthorne and Shipp in particular would have to be picked. Whatever the team, I think the England feeder squad will be very hard to beat!

Jon Arthur

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