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Quiz Answers

Did you take part in the quiz in our April and May issue? If so, the answers are below...

April Quiz

What is Steve Hemingray’s home town?

Which Preston-backed star is this month’s Troubleshooter?
Scott Geens

Which three venues has Des Shipp won matches at this month?
Bitterwell Lake, Tunnel Barn Farm, Viaduct Fishery

What flavour soup does Andy May have for dinner in Venue Detective?
Chilli, tomato and black pepper soup.

What year was Halkon Hunt established?

Which high-profile competition did Leigh Gardner find himself disqualified from after arguing with the bailiff?
Division One National

What does Darren Cox use to enhance the potency of his groundbait on coloured rivers?

Which England International has a new series starting in the magazine next month?
Des Shipp

What is the price tag of the pole tested by Tom Scholey in this month’s issue?

On the Pole Fishing team’s monthly YouTube blog, it emerges that Matt Godfrey has booked a holiday to the wrong destination. Where are the team now heading for a three-day break in May?
The bordellos of Bruges

May Quiz:

1) What is the name of the organisation that runs the indoor fishery that Andy May visited?
Cast Northwest.

2) Which brand and make of pole did Stewart Lister have to go swimming to retrieve from Rudyard Lake?
Daiwa Tournament Pro

3) How old is Lee Wright?

4) What elastic did Matt Godfrey use in this month’s pole test at Cob House Fisheries?
Pink Middy Shock Core

5) Which major tackle company has just sponsored Barnsley Blacks?

6) What is the total number of top kits supplied with Middy’s XK55?

7) Which bait did Des Shipp use to win his only match at Bitterwell Lakes last month?
Bread punch

8) On which venue did Simon Fields win the Division One National?
Trent & Mersey Canal

9) What is the value of the groundbait that is up for grabs in our Dynamite competition?

10) How many eels did Andy Oldham catch in his feature at Hallcroft Fishery?

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