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Dave Williams reports back from Partridge Lakes in Warrington

Arriving at the venue, I knew I was in for a hard day. The weather looked poor from first light, with a cold, fresh feel and biting northerly wind. With that in mind, I decided to fish one of the match lakes, which are open to the public if they have no planned matches on that day, called Covey 5. It has a great stock of F1s, common and mirror carp and a good head of ide and chub to keep the bites coming in the cold winter months.

Setup one: Fishing at around six metres out on the deck in around seven feet of water using two lines, one using single red maggot and the other 4mm expander pellets, feeding a mix of micro feed pellets and red maggots.

Setup two: Fishing at 11 metres just to the slope of the island shelf in around three feet of water, again using one maggot line and one expander pellets, hoping to catch the fish up the slope as the day moved on with the temperature rising one or two degrees from the start.

I started off by introducing a small pole cup of micros with a few maggots thrown in. I shipped out to 11 metres and dropped it in, repeating the process on the 6m line.

I decided to start off fishing the 6m line on the pellet and found it really hard going, with not even a bite for the first hour. Even by feeding small micros and maggots through a small pole pot nothing was happening.

A change over maggot brought a bite straightaway and my first fish of the day, an F1 of around 8oz, came to the net. A few more followed but the swim soon died.

With a couple of hours of the session gone, I decided to go long on single red maggot, fishing just on the slope of the island. I didn’t have to wait long for my first bite, with an ide around the 1lb mark coming to the net. Next put-in saw me hit into a nice chub and from then the swim came alive. Instead of potting in via the pole, I was using the catapult loaded with around 15 maggots, spraying them over my float and just laying the rig in over the top. Within seconds the float was under, F1s and small commons coming to the net every put-in.

If I slowed down on the feed I would not get a bite, so upping the feed was not a problem. After every fish 20 maggots would go out, and again the float buried every put-in. Hitting into a few fish and losing them, I found I had to shallow up even more because the swim was solid. With that slight adjustment I found my hooking ratio was 100 per cent better.

Finishing the day in poor conditions I estimated that around 40lb of small F1s, commons, chub and ide had found my net. Just by thinking about the situation and making a few changes to the feed and depth, I found myself with a great net of fish on a very cold, windy day.


6m-line setup
Line was 0.11mm to 0.10mm Reflo line on both maggot and expander rigs.
Floats were Dino Merus 0.4g for both maggot and expander rigs down the track.
Hooks were Kamasan F1 B911 size 20s for both setups.

11m lines to the island
Line was the same as the 6m rig.
Floats were Dino Merus 0.2g for both rigs.
Hooks were the same as the 6m rig.

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