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Martin Stokes catches a few perch at White Acres

Our guest blogger Martin Stokes reports back from a fishing holidy at White Acres, enjoy

I've just got back from another great holiday at White Acres. I absolutely love it there; I always have plenty of time to do a bit of pleasure fishing in between the matches. I like to try and catch a few species. Carp and F1s are the bread and butter of all my local commercial matches and it's always nice to mix it up a bit.

One of my favourite lakes is Pollawyn; it holds such a wide variety of species to target.

After doing a bit of drop-shotting on my local canal, I have really enjoyed catching small perch and Pollawyn has a good head of beautiful stripeys. So I decided to have a session on the pole to try and catch a few. Armed with worms, casters and a bag of Marukyu's Black Fishmeal groundbait, I decided to pop into the on-site tackle shop to find out which pegs the resident perch like best.

After some helpful advice from the lads in the shop, I decided to spend the day on Peg 15; it just looked spot-on for a few bites. A strong wind was pushing into the peg and both margins had plenty of features and cover. Perch love features, so a margin attack was on the cards. My pole rig was quite light, with only 0.13mm main line to 0.12mmm hooklength, a slim-bodied 0.2g float and size 18 Drennan Silverfish Pellet hook. I used No11 Stotz strung out in a shirt-button style down the rig to create a really natural fall to the hook bait.

I started off by cupping in casters and chopped worms in a small ball of black groundbait. The first bite came within a couple of minutes, a small perch about 4oz. Throughout the session the size of the perch started to get bigger and I soon found myself picking out the biggest full worm and using that on my hook.

The session went great. With consistent feeding the perch were well on the feed and averaging over 1lb. I caught five over 2lb and two that were over the magical 3lb mark.


I had to call it a day when I ran out of bait but I had well over 45lb of perch alone. It was a day’s fishing that I will never forget!

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