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Become A Natural!

Bag ‘em Bait Basics


We explore the basics of groundbait mixes for natural waters with Bag ‘em…


When you simplify groundbait mixes, there are two basic kinds – fishmeal and non-fishmeal. Generally speaking, fishmeal mixes work really well for carp and F1s, although all fish eat them at venues where pellets and fishmeal is regularly introduced. This is normally commercial fisheries.


On natural waters, however, feeding fishmeal can be detrimental and a ‘natural’ groundbait mix is required. By this we are talking one made from cereal and seed-based ingredients. Nevertheless, there are two key factors that come into play when choosing the right groundbait on natural waters – colour and consistency.




The colour of groundbait can have a big effect on what you catch over it. Sometimes, particularly in coloured water, the fish don’t mind at all and they will feed over a light brown groundbait. This can be better in coloured water because the fish can see it clearer. Bag ‘em Lake, Canal and River Natural Blend is a general brown groundbait mix. It can be used on a variety of natural venues for targeting roach, bream, skimmers and perch.




In clear water, fish can be very wary and that is where a dark groundbait comes into play. The backs of most coarse fish are black, so is a fish is to move over a dark mix to feed it will blend in if any predators are looking down from above. A dark mix is often favoured in cooler conditions and on days when the fish are very wary. The Bag ‘em Lake, Canal and River Natural Dark Blend is an example of a darker groundbait. You can also mix this with other groundbaits to make a slightly darker mix.




How you mix natural groundbait has a big effect on its consistency. Mixing it dry will mean the groundbait fizzes and breaks down quickly – perfect in shallow water, such as when squatt fishing on narrow canals. Adding more water and producing a medium mix will produce a semi-active mix that breaks down after a short while. This is ideal on general lakes or slow-moving rivers. Overwetting the mix to make it sloppy will leave you with a sloppy mix that will create a cloud and break up on impact with the water.


Heavier Mixes


On some natural venues you need a heavier groundbait that has more binding power. For example, when fishing deep or fast-flowing venues. In these situations you need a groundbait with slightly different properties and ingredients that are stickier to bind it together. The Bag ‘em Deep River And Lake Special Blend does exactly this. You can also add some of the Dark Blend to produce a darker, bindin 

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