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Keep It Natural

At this time of year commercial fish have often been hammered on pellets, so a careful catch-everything worm approach can reap fantastic rewards. Here’s Kieron Rich’s guide to keep you catching.

Worm Size

Chop your worms fine, roughly into 5mm segments. Not only will this allow maximum leakage of the amino acids and juices but it also makes your feed go further.

Worm size

The Kinder Pot

Essential for concentrating fish in one spot in open water, or when you’re fishing close up to features or islands. Make sure the pot is mounted to the very tip of your pole section so that you can feed right over the top of your float.

Kider pot



Fresh is best, but worms will last for a long time if you keep them away from heat and in stable conditions. Anglers often perceive worm fishing as expensive, but if you use them frugally and keep them over several weeks/months it actually becomes a very cost-effective and convenient bait.


Big Potting

Ideal when you want to kick-start a swim or concentrate fish on the bottom. Sometimes this is the optimum way to feed a line when a little-and-often approach draws a blank.

Big potting


Making The Feed

I like to introduce worms in a soil-type feed to bulk the bait out. My favourite concoction is a mixture of Natural Worm Attract dark soil and Burt Baits F1 Stimul8or groundbait. The F1 groundbiat is packed with fishmeals and adds a fish-attracting kick to the already appetising (to fish) worms and casters that I mix into it.

Making the feed



I use a puller kit with a puller bead. This tactic is ideal for catching a mixture of everything and isn’ t the sort of approach for singling out any one particular size or species of fish; that’s the beauty of it.



Tackle Up

Adequate, but not overly heavy kit is the order of the day. I use 0.14mm Lo-Viz main line to a 0.12mm Lo-Viz hooklength matched to pink Middy Hi-Viz elastic. The float is a 4x14 Middy Carp Grey 2, which features a bulbous body and wire stem for stability. This is shotted with a string of shot and set at full depth. It allows me to catch fish at all depths as the hook bait falls and once it has reached the bottom.

For today’s session we’ve ventured to Weston Pools, Oswestry. It’s a venue that I’m not at all familiar with but have opted to sit on Stretton Pool, which is home to all manner of fish and perfect for demonstrating this catch-all approach.

I’ve kicked the session off by introducing a large pot of feed at 13 metres towards some lily pads.

It didn’t take long for the fish to start fizzing and for me to start filling the net with quality Weston Pools samples. I opted for a small segment of worm on the size 14 hook and by working the hook bait bites were coming regularly. Giles Cochrane, who now works at the fishery, advised that this was a great pool to sit on for this feature. A number of liners and missed bites indicated to me that they were wanting to feed off the bottom, but large pots of the feed mixture kept some fish where I wanted them.

This pool is also home to some very big barbel, which like to feed close to the pegs. I fed a line just a top-kit length out, which proved to be particularly popular with the resident tench and F1s. There were no big barbel to show for my efforts but a few small ones and a very pleasing final catch shot.

Tackle up


Weston Pools



SY10 9ER

Tel: 01691 671812


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