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Martin Stokes Reports Back From The Open match at Brookside Fisheries in Warrington

Finally managed to get back in the bank for my first match of 2018. I decided to fish the Open match at Brookside Fisheries in Warrington.

Brookside will be my new local venue as from next month once I have moved house, so it is safe to say I will be spending a few hours at the place, over the next few years.

Having not fish the venue in well over a year, I was a little in the dark about the place, looking at the previous match results, the majority of the framing weights were coming from the pegs 17 -31 or pegs 41-59. I drew peg 31 so was pretty please to be honest. I decided on a simple maggots and bread approach which is always a good way to approach any F1 snake lakes at this time of year.

Started the match on bread to try and pick up a few early fish, after dobbing all over my peg I only had one bite, which I missed, so it wasn’t the greatest of starts.

I picked up my maggot rig, I found a few areas of my peg where it was flat across and had it had a nice depth of just under 3ft deep. Started by tapping about 8 maggots coated in Marukyu’s Amino Scopex fishing a couple of Scopex maggots on the hook and got a response straight away, with a lovely F1 of about 2lb in the net.


I spent the rest of day rotating three maggot lines across, tapping maggots, nicking a fish or two of each line. Feeding about 6 maggots every time I got a bite.
I did try a deeper line fishing down the track later on in the day but it didn’t produce a bite. I finished the match with 13 F1s and one carp.

It was clear that a few anglers really struggled, with a few deciding to pack up before the all out. I ended up weighing 22lb 10oz, surprisingly it was good enough for third overall in the match, with the top two weights coming from the ever consistent pegs in the twenties.

It’s was an hard but enjoyable winters day fishing, and can’t wait for my next visit to Brookside Fisheries.


Tight lines

Martin James Stokes

Marukyu’s Amino Scopex is available from Benwick Sports


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