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My Pole – Jon Whincup

Pole Fishing catches up with Frenzee’s main man Jon Whincup, to gather his thoughts on the company’s flagship offering, the FXT 6E.

After using the Frenzee Precision FXT Pole for the last four years and winning some of the sport’s biggest competitions with it during that time, including the Maver Match This and Parkdean Masters in 2016, to swap it for another pole would have to take something special. Luckily, that is exactly what the new Frenzee 6E is. 

I first took delivery of this pole around six months ago, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. When it comes to poles my demands are high. I need a pole that will do everything and not let me down in the process. I’m chasing around the country all summer in all the big qualifying matches, and with such a wide variation of venues I don't want the hassle of different poles for different venues. 

I have used the 6E for everything from slapping a rig at 16 metres for huge carp, lowering a tiny 0.1g F1 rig in and also for dragging mega-hard-fighting barbel out of a snag pit. 

The 6E is primarily a flagship level commercial pole but I have also recently used it at Porth Reservoir to catch 300 roach in two consecutive matches and it was right at home doing that too! It can do it all.

A few of the key features of the 6E pole include its unbelievable strength through the entire pole, and notably in the butt sections. It also has markings on all of the sections up to the No5, which saves the job of marking your pole with Tipp-Ex every time you plumb up. Shipping the pole in and out is made a doddle thanks to its smooth finish, regardless of the conditions on the day.

One of the latest additions that has made a big difference is the introduction of ‘Stubby’ kits. These are short No1 sections that fit on to the No2 to transform it into a short top kit, something that is crucial on shallow F1 venues or when fishing shallow in general. 

Talking of F1s, you need a stiff pole for this type of fishing and to say this pole is mega stiff would be selling it short, it really is the proverbial poker. 

All in all I can honestly say it’s the best pole I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a few in my long match career, and hopefully it can bring me as much luck as the original FXT pole before it.

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