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My Pole - Callum Dicks Featured

Maver-backed Callum Dicks explains how his Darkside 3 has done everything he has asked of it, whatever the type of fishing.

A versatile pole is essential for the different types of fishing that I do. It is important that the pole is strong enough to handle catching barbel and other big fish, using floats up to 50g, which are often needed while fishing European venues. 

It also has to be light and responsive for catching F1s and roach, which is something much more associated with fishing in the UK. I can honestly say that, over the last three years, my Darkside 3 has performed exceptionally wherever I have deployed it.

When the Darkside 3 was first launched, it was a big change for me. Maver had changed the mandrel to a much slimmer diameter; this made the pole stronger and better balanced. The top kits were very different too; they were slimmer and shorter and the carbon was also of a higher quality, which allowed me to use the Power Lite Power Kits for every type of fishing. The shorter top kits are great because you have less elastic in the pole, which gives you more control when playing fish. 

The slimmer diameter of the pole makes the performance of it in strong winds fantastic. I have used the pole in really strong winds and it has never let me down. The Nanolith Suncore finish ensures that the pole will not get hot when using it in the sun (this may be rare here in England, but during World Championships overseas it is often the case!).

The package that the pole comes with makes life very easy for the user as the top kits are all cut back and pre-bushed to identical lengths. But further to that the spares options help massively; short No4s, No5s, dolly butts and top kits as standard, but that don’t break the bank if extras are needed. Better yet, the short F1 Smoke Kits that I have been testing for a while are now available to everybody

I have used the same pole for the past three years and its ‘wearability’ is second to none. The Teflon joints ensure that the joints that are most used don’t wear thin. When the pole was first brought to me, I knew that Maver had massively stepped its game up. For me, the Darkside 3 really shows that Maver has reached a new level of pole development. The whole package and finish of the pole suits my requirements perfectly.

If you’re looking for a pole that is suitable for any type of fishing The Darkside 3 is one to be in your thoughts! Pound for pound, for me, it is the best pole on the market.

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