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Looking for an edge to catch those bigger carp? Go Black!

Having used Marukyu products for a few years now, I just wanted to share something you might find interesting when trying to target the larger fish when match fishing.

A few years ago, the Black Sweet Fishmeal groundbait was released and I thought “Great, that will make a good winter groundbait on commercials,” and as expected it was a great success. The versatility of the groundbait was just one of the reasons the product became so popular.

However, on a recent product testing session I decided to give the groundbait a go in warm water conditions, along with the new Skrill Sticky Method Pellets, and the classic JPZ Black.


I’ve always found the Black JPZ tend to pick out the bigger stamp of fish – I’ve no idea why, science was never my strong point – and likewise the Skrill Pellets have the same effect. In fact I know many other anglers who specifically use them when targeting bigger carp in matches. Stuart Eaton for one has had some great results catching big carp using the Skrill Pellets as a paste.

My session was at Partridge Lakes, on Holbar Lake, a pool that holds a good head of carp, F1s, barbel, roach and loads of other species. These types of sessions are perfect for trying new things, before using them in match situations.

I decided to fish just two pole lines; firstly the long pole shallow with a hair-rigged 6mm Black JPZ, pinging 6mm Skrill Pellets. I love using black pellets when fishing shallow because I feel they create a better silhouette in the water, making them more visual to the fish in the summer months when the water is slightly more coloured.


The second line was a margin swim; it was a little deeper than I wanted, so I used the new Skrill Method Pellets in big sticky balls, along with balls of the Black Sweet Fishmeal groundbait. The binding agent in both the pellets and groundbait gets your bait to the bottom quickly, which really helps when fishing deeper margins. My hook bait was an 8mm Black JPZ.

The session was brilliant, with well over 200lb of carp that were averaging 8lb each, with some double-figure carp thrown in for good measure. The thing that stood out for me is that I only caught two F1s and one carp under 5lb, which was surprising on a water with a lot of F1s and silver fish present.


This really does support my theory that the Black JPZ, coupled with the Black Skrill Pellets, really do pick out the larger stamp of carp; it might be because they’re slightly different from your standard coarse pellets, which they see every day, or the flavours and attractors might trigger the large fish into feeding.

Tight lines

Martin Stokes

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