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Bradley Gibbons shows how you don’t need to spend a small fortune on bait to catch a nice net of fish.

A serious contender in match weights and guaranteed pleasure for everyone, the biography of the barbel now sees them being written into our commercial attack.

Anglers are renowned for carrying more tackle than they actually need. Matrix’s Craig Butterfield demonstrates how a simple approach to your fishing can lead to catching more fish than ever!

Lee Thornton gives us a lesson in using paste… shallow!

Josh Newton has a few tricks up his sleeve for winkling out extra fish on venues where they have ‘seen it all before’.

Matt Dawes has discovered a commercial approach that’s even better than pellets…

Joe Oakes demonstrates how to always ‘make it happen’, despite the fish sometimes having other ideas.

Darren Cox discovers that subtle rig changes and a positive feeding approach is the solution to catching quality silver fish on man-made venues.

Browning-backed Jim Hall explains how keeping your options open will ensure you won’t want to pack up at the end of the day…

Jake Fowles discusses a dependable tactic that is certain to catch you fish from the off at any venue you visit!

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