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With the endless run of cold weather, ice breaking and horrible winter showers, catching F1s and carp is still quite tricky. This winter have decided a new approach for my winter F1 and carp fishing, and it involves what I like to call Marukyu Maggots.

Last year especially, dobbing bread was a great tactic for some reason this year, I just can’t get it to work. I think it’s down the the temperature rising and dropping, some days they want a bit of bait, and some days they don’t. Personally maggots are my favourite bait in the colder months.

It is nothing new fishing maggots in winter, and pretty much every angler with have them on their side tray this time of year. Personally I like to give myself an little edge over the other anglers I’m fishing against. This is where the “Marukyu Maggots” come into play.

Fishing the maggots in winter you don’t need to feed loads, just little and often. Keep your rigs on the light side, with small hooks light line and a nice slimline float.


I buy my maggots a few days before my match and place them into a sealed sandwich bag along with a handful off Marukyu’s SFA 400 Krill Powder, make sure the bag is tightly sealed and place them in my fridge or even just leave them in shed if the weather is cold enough.

I usually leave them for two days to take on the flavour of the Krill. On the day of the Match, I will riddle the powder off (which can be used again ?) and give them a light spray of The AlmondZap Amino+.

The end result will be a Krill flavoured maggot with a sweet fishy almond smell, something a little bit different but they definitely catch fish.

With just one bottle of Amino Zap + and one bag of SFA400 Krill powder you will able to make gallons of “Marukyu Maggots” and will definitely last you an entire winter season.

Tight lines
Martin Stokes


Further to recent exploratory discussions Frenzee and Marukyu are pleased to announce that from December they will work in co-operation in some key areas - primarily sales and marketing.

Tim Wildermoth, Frenzee Sales and Marketing Manager says

“We are excited to be able to announce this co-operation between ourselves and Marukyu a global partner.

On looking deeper into the possibilities, it became clear that there were so many ways we would improve our range and service to customers.

Combine this with the increased distribution and marketing opportunities and its cost-effective nature, it made allot of sense to work closer together.

From December across most areas of the country customers will find it easier to talk about Marukyu and Frenzee products as our sales people will offer both company ranges, so significantly improving service levels to more customers and creating greater awareness and instore availability for the angler.”

Howard Kaye, Marukyu Europe Ltd. National Sales & Marketing Manager echoed Tim’s statement by saying

“I am delighted to be working alongside Frenzee. Their cutting-edge product range and their ongoing product development marries up perfectly with our extensive and proven range of baits.

The association of two leading brands is exciting both for our companies and the angling consumer in general.”

An exciting partnership in the works!

Our guest blogger Martin Stokes reports back from a fishing holidy at White Acres, enjoy

Offering maximum attraction, the Focus range incorporates some of the finest fish attractors from their purest form, blended with Marukyu’s Amino+ formula.

A dark sweet-fishmeal groundbait, perfect for winter work in clear water.

Packed with fish-attracting amino acids, this soft imitation-corn hook bait has already proved effective in its yellow colour.

A new mix from the bait giant, this time aimed at silver fish. This ultra-sweet mix is full of attractive bread, biscuit and seed particles, appealing to skimmers, roach and, of course, those crafty F1s!

These cult hook baits are now available in 8mm. The unique, slippery baits can be hooked or hair rigged easily and come in green Nori, red Ebi and Black varieties. A 8mm Tough version is also available.

• Top-selling JPz hook baits now available in larger size

• Larger versions of massively successful 6mm JPz
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