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Scottish Match Series Announced

Broom Fisheries reveal big-money series for 2015.

Popular Scottish angling hotspot, Broom Fisheries, has released a busy and exciting series of event for this summer.


The first come first served series comprises of six matches, with a final weekend, and is limited to 28 anglers.


The competition will be held over six rounds, with two sections per round. The winner of each section will qualify for the final round, known as the “A” Final.

The remaining anglers will qualify for the “B” Final.

There will also be two "wild card entries" this will be awarded to the angler scoring the highest number of points but failing to win a section.

The final will be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th of September. Accumulative scores over the two days will determine the winner.

The “B” Final will be held on an adjacent water.

Before the commencement of the series each angler will receive notification of the waters he/she will be fishing throughout the six qualifying matches of the series. This will enable each angler to prepare and practice meaningfully for every match.


May 10th - Round 1
June 7th - Round 2
June 21st - Round 3
July 5th - Round 4
August 9th - Round 5
August 23th - Round 6
Finals Weekend - 12th & 13th September

Tickets can be purchased from the fishery or by ringing 01461 700 386 or 07850157668.

Peg draw will be at 09:15am, and fishing will commence at 11:00am and will finish at 16:30am.

Prize Structure for Finals Day

2nd £500
3rd £250
4th £150

5th £100

The winner of the “B” Final will receive a prize of cash and/or goods (subject to third party sponsorship).

There will be cash prizes for first and second places in each section in each of the six qualifying matches.

There will also be a £500 prize for the league winner.

The winner of the league will be the angler with the highest accumulative score out of five of the six qualifying rounds.

League Scoring

Points for each section will be awarded as follows:

10 points for first place down to 4 points for 7th. All other anglers weighing in will be awarded 2 points. D-N-W score zero points.

Competition Fees

A registration fee of £175 per angler will be taken -  this includes match fees for all six rounds.

Payments can be made by the following methods:
Cash at tackle shop, or Cheque Made payable to BROOM LEISURE LTD.

There will also be an additional £5 pools fee on each round.

There will also be an additional £10 pools fee both finals days.

All match fees are non-refundable.


Queensberry will be pegged on the west side of the pond only with the swim limits being half way between your peg and the next occupied peg, with no distance limit out in front.

Bruces Acre will be pegged on the east and west bank only with a dividing buoy line down the centre of the pond. Swim limits will be half way between your peg and next occupied peg, and in front up to the buoy line.

For more information, check out the fishery website at www.broom.broomfisheries.co.uk.

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