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Two Ounces = £60k Final!

Lee Thornton makes Maver Mega Match This Final.


Just two ounces separated Lee Thornton and James Dent’s weights in Saturday’s Maver Mega Match this qualifier at Partridge lakes! After Lee weighed in 127lb 14oz, James tally added up to 127lb 12oz, an agonizing two ounces short!


Ninety nine tickets were sold for this first of two Mega Match This qualifiers at Partridge Lakes. Conditions on the day were made difficult on account of strong winds. However, that said, the standard of sport was superb with very little separating the top six anglers - in fact, it was mere ounces in cases!


Middy and Bag’em Matchbaits rod, Lee Thornton, drew peg six on Spey Lake and opted to fish worm and caster long over towards the far bank at 13m to catch F1's, Ide and carp to 5lbs before switching to his margins late on to end proceedings with 127-14-00. Lee also qualifies for the Maver British Pole Championship final.


MAP's James Dent (also Sensas and VW) drew peg 18, also on Spey Lake, and caught most of his fish on maggot fished short at 6m to take an all F1 catch tipping the scales at 127-12-00 - just two ounces short of Lee Thornton's winning weight and three ounces shy of booking a place in another Mega Match This Final. James also qualifies for the 2015 British Pole Championship final.


Third place went to Wigan Match Group's Anthony Marsden, who drew peg 10 on Spey Lake. Anthony decided to fish the majority of his match short using just his top kit with worm and caster to find carp and F1's in numbers to weigh in 121-11-00.


Preston's Andy Power recorded a lake win from peg 74 on Covey Three to finish in fourth place overall. Andy started his match fishing caster shallow at 7m before switching to his margins late on to end the day with 114-10-00.


Andy Bennett (Daiwa, Guru & Bait-Tech) also secured a lake win on Covey One securing fifth place overall in the process from peg 2. Andy offered 110-01-00 to the scales to book his place in the Maver British Pole Championships.




1 Lee Thornton (Middy, Bag 'Em Baits) 127-14-00 peg 6 (Spey)


2 James Dent (MAP, Sensas, VW) 127-12-00 peg 18 (Spey)


3 Anthony Marsden (Wigan Match Group) 121-11-00 peg 10 (Spey)


4 Andy Power (Preston Innovations, Sonubaits)114-10-00 peg 74 (Covey 3)


5 Andy Bennett (Daiwa, Guru, Bait-Tech) 110-01-00 peg 2 (Covey 1)


6 Barry Bush 107-01-00 peg 57 (Covey 3)


7 Stephen Openshaw (Lingmere Fishery) 95-15-00 peg 6 (Covey 1)


8 Stuart Conroy (Drennan) 92-14-00 peg 130 (Covey 5)

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