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Pole Fishing Plus Launched

Exciting new video magazine!
A new digital edition of Pole Fishing magazine has been launched.

The aptly named Pole Fishing Plus features new and exclusive written and pictorial content, as well as a state of the art 43-minute video.

Editor Tom Scholey explained: “From a creative point of view, Deputy Editor Matt Godfrey and I love the fact that in this digital format we are no longer constrained by the requirements of printed media. If we think a feature requires 15 pages to really get the finer points across, we can give it those pages! Also, the photographs we take are displayed in high resolution, in the best possible format, some of which is inevitably lost when it comes to a printed publication.

“Then there is the video. Even the best words and pictures in the world can’t always get across the exact way in which an angler is feeding his swim, putting his rig in, or landing his fish. The high-quality video footage that comes with Pole Fishing Plus adds a whole new dimension to the magazine.

“In this month’s launch issue, the video shows Andy Geldart in action at the gorgeous Woodland Lakes near Thirsk. It also gives an insight into the monthly pole tests that Matt and I conduct, as well, of course, as plenty of banter and fun along the way.

“The highlight of Pole Fishing Plus for me, though, is the all-new, 15-page diary of England international and Preston Innovations-backed ace Lee Kerry. I used to really enjoy his diary when it appeared on the pages of our sister title, Match Fishing, but now with as much space as he needs to go at, he can really go into depth about the things that he feels make a difference to his fishing. It really is a piece not to be missed!”

Pole Fishing Plus is priced at £2.99 and is available to buy and download from 5pm on Friday, June 5th exclusively through our website, www.polefishingplus.com.

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