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Go Natural!

Pole Fishing Tri Cast Weston Pools festival announced.
Pole Fishing has teamed up with Tri-Cast Weston Pools to host a two day, natural bait only festival at the Shropshire complex.

Taking place on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of September, the two day event will see the winner walk away with over £1,000 in cash, with a total payout of over £5,000.

The only baits allowed on the pole only, two day event will be maggots, casters, worms, hemp and corn.

The fishery has already received a lot of interest in the event, and with spaced limited to 60 anglers, those interested are advised to book on quickly on the number below.


The overall result will be decided on section points over the two days. In the event of a tie, the result will be decided on section wins, and then on weight countback.

There will be a daily payout for the winner of each five peg section, as well as an optional overall pool covering the top four each day. The event costs £100 to enter, and the payout is outlined below:

60 x £100 entries = £6,000
- 60 x £16 peg fee = £5,040 to payout

Section Payout
12 x Sections of 5 anglers over two days, each receiving £50 total = £1,200

Overall Payout

£3,840 to payout

1 £1,000
2 £800
3 £600
4 £500
5 £400
6 £250
7 £170
8 £120

Optional Superpool

£10 per day.

Based on full turnout:

1 £240 (40%)
2 £180 (30%)
3 £120 (20%)
4 £60 (£10%)

To book your place, call Tri-Cast Weston Pools on: 01691 671812

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