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Preston Duo Crowned Champions

Des Shipp and Adam Wakelin win the Pole Fishing Pairs.

Des Shipp and Adam Wakelin have been crowned the 2016 Preston Innovations Pole Fishing Pairs Champions, after a frought final round battle at Garbolino Lindholme Lakes.

The pair –who have lead the race since the first round saw off a strong challenge from fellow internationals Will Raison and Callum Dicks, who have been nibbling at their heels throughout.

A tough final round for Adam Wakelin saw him finish fourth in his five peg section, and with Paul Yates – who was standing in for Callum Dicks winning his section it looked as though a drama might be unfolding.

However when the results from Bonsai Lake were in, it became apparent that Des Shipp had won his section and Will Raison had endured a similarly tough day to Adam, again finishing fourth in his section. This meant that Des Shipp and Adam Wakelin were two points clear on aggregate – and were delighted to pick up the winners trophy, and the £2,000 trophy that goes with it.

Des explained: “The Preston Innovations Pole Fishing Pairs has been a great event to fish, and to win against such a high quality field is a fantastic feeling. Obviously we have had our share of good luck along the way, which you need to win competitions like this. We have also gone to the trouble of practicing before nearly every round though, so have certainly put the time in to try and get the result that we were after.

In terms of tactics, we have caught an awful lot of fish throughout the series fishing past our bait, which has seemed to be where the bigger fish have wanted to sit on a lot of the venues that we have fished. Light rigs have also played a key part of our attack. It’s been amazing how often we have been able to get bites on tiny 4x10 or even 3x8 floats, while bigger patterns sat their motionless.”

Winners on the day were event organsiers, and Pole Fishing’s own Tom Scholey and Matt Godfrey, who were the only pair to secure a perfect two point score, earning them just short of £700. Sadly, there efforts in the overall league fell just short, with them finishing first out the money.

Tom commented: “A big thanks must go out to the sponsors, Preston Innovations as well as all the anglers who have supported the event throughout its duration. I don’t think I have ever fished an event against such a high quality field – with every single member of Drennan Team England taking part at some point or other throughout the series. The thing that I have found particularly encouraging is the amount of young anglers who have fished, with a good number of youngsters putting in impressive performances throughout the series. 

We are planning some exciting improvements for next year, so watch the Pole Fishing news pages over the next few weeks for details of how you can get involved.” 


1 Paul Wright (Garbolino Lindholme Lakes)53-3-0 (Laurels 4)

2 Paul Yates (Drennan International) 47-7-0 (Laurels 47)

3 Matt Godfrey (Pole Fishing Magazine) 46-15-0 (Laurels 56)

4 Tom Scholey (Pole Fishing Magazine) 42-15-0 (Bonsai 16)

5 Lee Wright (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 37-13-0 (Bonsai 44)

Pairs On The Day:

Tom Scholey & Matt Godfrey 2pts 89-14-0

Pairs Overall

preston duo crowned pairs

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