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Editor Jake Fowles takes a look at the Browning Sphere Zero-G Power Partner. A standalone 10.5m pole, or just a back-up for existing pole owners?

This year's event will be held at Colemans Cottage Fishery in Essex on Saturday 6th October 2018. With Bob Nudd celebrating fishing with Browning for over 30 years this year as always we like to remember the heritage of our brand and reward our Browning supportive anglers too. Over the years we have seen poles aging over 30 years, some of which are immaculate and cared for and some proving they have stood the test of time and the rigors of match angling.

So do you have a Browning "classic" pole still being used today or even one you never wanted to pass on? Yes! Then this event is for you. It's a fantastic day and celebration so not a surprise that it is very well attended from all. If your Browning pole needs a dust down or is ready for action this match is not to be missed. With great prizes, demonstrations and everything Browning it's well worth attending. This year there are two sectors to the event:

Warhorse Sector

If you have a pre-2007 pole and want to enter there are:

- 50 limited spaces

- Free entry & Free breakfast

- Three Exclusive warhorse prizes for Bob Nudd's favourite Poles

- Section prizes for warhorse entrants

- Warhorse Pole Prizes for 1st and 2nd overall worth over £500

- Optional Pool money prizes on the day

Limited 30 Sector

This year to celebrate Bob's 30 years of service we want to support both new and older advocates of our brands poles so there are 30 limited spaces for current Browning pole users.

- Free entry

- Optional Pool money prizes on the day


Registration to the warhorse match is important to validate your poles entry being pre 2007.

- Maximum Pole length for both Warhorse and Limited 30 is 13m

- Minimum pole length 4m

- All entrants can only set up 2 top kits and 1 cupping kit.

How to book

You can book now by emailing Browning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sending your contact information and which pole you will be using. We will then notify you of you accepted entrance to the event. Closing Date for entries is September 16th, but remember 50 Warhorse space and 30 Limited spots only.

• Perfect for clear water conditions

• Use on stillwaters or rivers

• Especially effective for roach

RRP: £2.85


Earlier this year there were rumours of a pole being designed by the boffins at the Browning warehouses, that they were calling the Silverlite Plus… a concept of a pole that was going to be the lightest available on the market.

• 8 metres

• Spare top kit

• Fully compatible with other Browning poles

RRP: £249


Fleece Jacket: £69.95

Bib ‘N’ Brace: £74.99

Jacket: £79.95

Overtrousers: £49.95


5m length


Rigid and strong

RRP: £99


Steve Barraclough has signed an individual sponsorship deal with Browning Fishing, part of the Zebco Europe group of brands. Steve, from Wakefield, West Yorks, will be representing the brand a major fishing events and assisting with future product development.

Browning Aston Park Fisheries Lead The Way…

Eight-tube, generously priced holdall, ideal for the pole angler. Features large and small external pockets for items such as banksticks and umbrella, with large inner pocket with straps to hold tubes in place.

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